19 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners To Make Money

Anyone who wants to work from home may do so thanks to transcription jobs. Do you have a laptop with a fast internet connection? Could you type? Do you currently write?

Then it could be simple to work from home as a transcriptionist.

Numerous transcribing jobs don’t require previous experience.

You are free to apply for jobs as long as you are proficient in both reading and writing English and have an acceptable typing speed. So why not attempt transcribing if you’re disciplined and like working independently?

Let’s get going.

What is a Transcription Job?

If you want to use your fundamental grammatical abilities to earn some quick cash, this job is for you. You will be given assignments involving listening to the audio, taking notes, seeing interviews, and writing down messages. One requires basic knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as a fast typing speed to be a transcriptionist.

Three subcategories of transcribing work are primarily performed by independent contractors: general, legal, and medical. The best thing is that you only need a laptop or desktop with high-speed internet access and a few basic abilities to complete this task.

19 Best Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

If you are equipped with the necessary abilities, you may start working as a transcriptionist straight away.

The top 19 websites to accomplish this are listed below. Each pays consistently, is free to join, and has available jobs. Plus, the majority of them include strategies for increasing your income as you acquire expertise.

1. Rev

Rev is one of the greatest places to get online transcribing jobs, with more than 170,000 customers worldwide, including CBS and Viacom. An excellent opportunity for any aspiring freelance writer, Rev is constantly searching for transcriptionists with exceptional English skills and attention to precision.

You no longer need any prior expertise with transcription work to get started; you only need to pass a grammar test and submit a brief transcription sample.

2. Accutran Global

New transcribers are “always” welcome to contact Accutran Global. To find out if they are now taking applications, you must click on the “Apply for Work” option on their jobs website.

Online transcriptionists without experience are still hired by Accutane Global.
Remember that there are off-peak seasons when there may not be any work at all and peak seasons when there is a lot of work.

Payment is made per word ($0.005 to begin with). Each month’s payment deadline is the 15th.

To be considered, you must pass a transcribing exam. Parents and other caretakers should avoid Accutran Global since you must quickly complete your stated task.

3. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe, one of the most well-liked solutions for freelance transcription work, is a great site that enables you to earn up to $15 to $22 for every audio hour. The website will provide brief snippets of 2 to 4 minutes that can be used to find home transcribing employment.

The platform has an easy-to-use workflow, and as one audio clip ends, the other automatically starts loading until you quit the page. Then you can take work based on how much free time you have each day to accomplish the transcribing assignments.

4. Transcription Hub

Working with will allow you to transcribe for prominent organizations and institutions including Walmart, The New York Times, the US Army, Harvard, and Stanford universities.

You must first pass an assessment to work here, after which you will be given a rating of Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Do your best on this test since your score will have a direct influence on the online jobs you may apply for and the pay you receive.

In actuality, there is no set compensation rate for the transcribing assignments that Transcription Hub offers. Instead, you will be compensated according to your rating and the effectiveness and speed with which you do the task.

5. Crowdsurf

By the minute, Crowdsurf pays. Additionally, you’ll be producing video subtitles for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and viewers who speak a second language as a freelance transcriptionist for Crowdsurf.

They would thus want to hear from you if you are detail-oriented and have excellent listening abilities. You also need to be fluent in English and have excellent proofreading abilities (but you probably already knew that).

Therefore, you must first register on Work Market. After that, you may join Crowdsurf to get freelance transcription employment. By day’s end, you can have money to spend, says Crowdsurf.

6. Appenscribe

Online transcribing opportunities are available through Appenscribe. Therefore, if you speak many languages well, you will have access to additional employment opportunities.

You must create an account and pass two brief transcribing tests to begin. Although contractors report varying compensation rates, you should anticipate paying roughly $0.005 per word. PayPal is used to send payments twice a month.

7. SpeakWrite

If you are hired by SpeakWrite as a transcriber, you will have access to a wide range of transcribing projects and have the opportunity to make more than $300 each month. Yes, what you just heard is true!

Since 1997, the website, which is solely accessible in the United States and Canada, has given employment to innumerable people. Additionally, the business has assisted over 65000 clients from a variety of industries, including the legal, governmental, law enforcement, and private sectors.

8. CastingWords

The nicest thing about CastingWords is that, even if their basic compensation is average, they make it simple for everyone, including newbies, to make additional money on every task.

First off, their transcribing assignments pay on a bonus basis, so the better you perform, the more you earn! For instance, you will be paid three times your regular salary if your work earns the best grade available. Additionally, receiving great marks for your work will increase your badge level, opening opportunities for higher-paying positions.

9. Quicktate

There are several transcribing services available from Quicktate. Additionally, much like with other transcription jobs, some level of English fluency is necessary. If English isn’t your strongest language, Quicktate also offers an opportunity to transcribe in other languages.

Now, Quicktate does call for transcribing expertise. So, if you’re just getting started, this might not be the best choice.

10. Bam!

They primarily provide transcribing services for the entertainment industry, but they also handle legal, business, financial, research, and general transcription jobs. They’ll consider you to be a contractor if you pass a skills exam.

Their website doesn’t link to their application. To indicate your interest in working as a potential typist, you must email them at [email protected] or use their contact form.

11. GMR Transcription

Are you looking for the greatest entry-level transcribing jobs? Then, GMR Transcription will put an end to your search! The amazing platform has received many positive evaluations and has the best work-life balance rating.

According to the portal, a transcriptionist may make between $1000 and $3000 per month. For the general transcriber role, no experience is necessary. Additionally, a variety of themes in the legal, business, sports, and other fields will be covered.

12. Speechpad

The experience is common among transcriptionists who begin working with Speechpad. After passing their fundamental transcription and grammar tests, you open their job board to look through the available work, only to discover that many of the positions pay very little and require special qualifications for those that pay more.

Don’t worry! You can take the qualifying exams offered by Speechpad at any moment for free.

13. Tigerfish

Tigerfish should be on the radar of all aspiring transcribers despite not presently recruiting. One of the most interesting things about Tigerfish is its remarkable customer list, which includes companies like Gap and Newsweek, to mention a couple.

Tigerfish has grown from a one-person business collecting tapes and sending written transcripts into a transcription behemoth.

14. Speech Ink

Utilizing Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform, Speech Ink employs typists. To get started, you must create an MTurk Account.

Once you’ve registered, you may use the MTurk site to look for Speech Ink jobs. After that, accept jobs and finish them. There may be “qualifications” for some employment. These requirements might be as easy as accepting the terms of service or could involve a brief exam.

15. Flexjobs

Looking for a reliable website where you can work as a transcriber and be paid? One of the greatest websites that offer transcribing work from home and allow you to earn a lot of money if you have good typing skills is Flexjobs. Since it is a trustworthy website, you can be confident that your money will never be late. Additionally, you may receive the most transcribing jobs from the internet immediately to your mailbox.

16. Scribie

Over 40,000 transcribers working for Scribie remotely from all over the world. Why are they so well-liked among transcriptionists? The procedure they use for transcribing may be the key to the solution.

Their technique involves automating the transcription of audio recordings using artificial intelligence. Transcribers review the automatic transcripts, which are 60%–90% accurate, and look for errors rather than beginning from scratch.

17. 3Play Media

Either in English or Spanish, 3Play Media provides the option to work as a transcriptionist. Additionally, they need editors to correct inaccurate transcriptions. You’ll need to become familiar with the proprietary transcribing software used by 3Play Media.

You are paid weekly, and 3Play Media points out that even if you simply transcribe for a few hours, you are still rewarded.

18. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription (thus the name!) offers same-day turnaround times for business, legal, and entertainment transcription. There are no definite working hours or workloads, but they are constantly searching for trustworthy transcriptionists at all levels of expertise.

There is work available as needed. You only need to fill out a brief form to get started before going to their testing website.

19. Transcript Divas

Visit Transcript Divas if you’re seeking the greatest online transcribing jobs for beginners. Although the platform has very stringent criteria, this suggests that being certified on this portal may be somewhat difficult. If you succeed, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other aspirant transcriptionists.

When applying for a transcribing job on this site, be prepared because they receive a lot of applications.

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