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AIIMS Nursing Officer Salary Promotions and Job Profile

Working as Nurses is not less than Doing Charity every day. They are the one who takes care of the patients despite their religion and caste. Here I will article, I will share with you the Job Profile of AIIMS Nursing, Aiims Nursing officers salary, and Promotion of Aiims Nursing officers. I will share with you the complete details about this. The Aiims Nurses are known as the best nurses, Today we will get to know about them. To get complete information regarding this, check the article below:

AIIMS Nursing Officer Salary Promotions and Job Profile

AIIMS Nursing officer Salary, Promotions, and Job Profile:

The main work of the All India Institutes of Medical Science Nurses is to assist Doctors and have to take care of the records and maintain that. They also check the shortage of nurses in other hospitals. The Nurses of AIIMS also visit other hospitals to check as well as to Improve Patient Care Quality.

The Nurses also assist the Director formulating Broad Policies concerning Nursing services. she will implement Policies and Procedure of Institute regarding the Nursing Services. The Nurses of AIIMS will guide the Sub-ordinate Nursing Staff. She will keep the Director informed about the happening concerning the hospital. she also encourages the research done by the Nurses etc.

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Promotion of AIIMS Nursing officers:

For the promotion of AIIMS Nursing Officer: There is no perfect Pyramid structure for the promotion of AIIMS Nurses. The promotion of nurses is completely based on their experience in a particular field. Here is some post that they can get posted with but after the sufficient experience in this field.

Right after the joining, one will get posted as Nursing Officer and after some experience in this field, she will get posted as Sister in charge and it will go like this. You can check the complete list of the promotion and the names of post that one can reach:

  • Sister Gr. II Or Staff nurse Or the Nursing officer
  • Sister Gr. I Or Sister In-charge
  • \Assistant Nursing Superintendent (ANS)
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendent (DNS)
  • Nursing Superintendent (NS)
  • Chief Nursing Officer  (CNO)

These are the post in the All India Institute of Medical Science. It is not easy to get this post. One will have to work hard and have to study very well to get this.

Ther is also one more post in this, that is Nursing tutor. You can also work as a Nursing teacher and for that, you must have 3 years of teaching experience in this field. It might be tough to get directly get this post in the All India Institute of Medical Science. You must start working in any general Institutes which are registered by the government and once you get the required experience in this field and then you can apply for the Nurses tutor in the All India Institutes of Medical Science.

This is the post details, now let’s see the salary of the AIIMS Nurses. There is more than one branch of AIIMS in India. The salary of each institute is a bit different. You can check the salary of AIIMS Nurses below:

LIC AAO Salary Per Month, Job Profile and Promotions

Salary of AIIMS Nursing Officers:

The Monthly salary of AIIMS Nursing officer is completely different for each AIIMS Institutes in India. here we will see the average salary of the AIIMS Nursing Officer in India.

The average salary of the AIIMS Nurses is around 55000/- per month to 67000/- per month. The Salary of nurses also depends on their duty and experience in a particular field.

Work Profile of AIIMS Nurses:

The work Profile of the nurse in India is not so well in the private sectors but it can be a very good career for anyone. if she gets placed in any government Hospitals or Institutes. The competition is too much in this field for the government Nurses. The Government hospitals and Institutes are lesser than the Private Hospitals.

if you actually want to get placed as Government nurses or in AIIMS. You will have to work very hard to get into this. The salary always plays a very important role in anybody’s living. Private Hospitals pay less salary as compared to the Government organization. The AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) is one of the top-notch Institutes to work. This is one of the best institutes as well as hospitals in India. It might be tough to get selected here in the first attempt but once you get selected here, your life will be awesome. You must always try for the better in life, You have only one life, try to make it as good as possible.

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