Bank of Maharashtra SO IT Previous Year Question Paper

The exam of Bank of Maharashtra is about to be held soon, the candidates who have applied for the exam, they should check out the previous year question paper for the better practice. Here In this article, I will share with you guys the Previous year question paper Maharashtra Bank SO. Sample paper of Maharashtra Bank SO, unsolved papers of Maharashtra Bank SO, last year question paper of Maharashtra Bank SO, etc.

Bank of Maharashtra SO IT  Previous Year Question Paper
Bank of Maharashtra SO IT Previous Year Question Paper

Bank of Maharashtra SO IT Previous Year Question Paper:-

The SO of Bank of Maharastra stands for Specialist officer and IT stands for Information technology. The previous year of any exam is very important to understand the difficulty level of the question paper and to get the proper practice for the exam through those papers. here I will share with you the previous year question paper but before let’s see the work profile of the SO IT.

Job profile of the Specialist officers of the Bank:-

The work profile of the Bank specialist officers have different as per their experience and qualification:-

  • SO (Specialist Officer) is responsible to check the technological perspectives of Banking operations.
  • The SO is made to undergo the training in the above functions.
  • Once the Specialist Officer reaches a senior position, he should be able to assess the future IT interests of the bank, plan scaling of IT infrastructure, issue tenders, etc.
  • As a junior HR Specialist Officer, one is required to handle the training and induction of employees, circulate appraisal forms, form leave schedules, salary accounts.
  • Senior HR Managers conduct recruitment interviews, employee promotions, and other critical Human Resources related activities.

Previous year question paper of Maharashtra Bank SO:-

The previous year question paper is important to solve before the exam, this gives you a brief idea about the paper pattern and difficulty level of the exam. Most of the candidates I have seen, they only focus on the books only which is not a decent way to prepare. Most of the candidates do their preparation so well but could not attend the maximum questions in the exam.

If you have enough knowledge about the exam and you have completed and prepared all your syllabus in a very good manner but could not the maximum question in the exam and left the answer which you could have been done. this is all because of lack of practice. Always solve the maximum previous year question paper and solve them within the time, try to cover the whole paper within the time. practice over this regular and gives your self 3-4 hours every day. All the Candidates who have qualified the exam ask them about their preparation tricks and how they use to manage their time. time management is very important for any kind of preparation.  Exams and syllabus are same but the competition in this field is very high. Everybody who has done their graduation, they all try for this vacancy.

Here I have given the link of the previous year question papers and last year question paper of Maharashtra Bank SO, You can download the previous year question from here:-

Sample paper of Maharashtra Bank SO:-

The some of the questions paper is subject wise, you can click on the given link to download the bank of Maharashtra SO previous year question paper as subject wise:-

Unsolved papers of Maharashtra Bank SO:-

The bank has also many vacancies like PO, clerk, You should always be flexible towards the job. if you have decided to be a banker, I would suggest you apply for every post related to the bank, it will make better day by day, One day when you will apply for that which you are actually seeking for, you will get that.

I have seen, always a person who has a creative mindset, they always get success and the people who follow the old process and tradition, they never get success easily. The Candidate who are preparing for the Bank exams. the competition in this field is very high and if you want selection, you have to attend the maximum correct answer so that you can clear the cutoff easily. You can do so if you have done enough practice on the practice papers with proper time management.

All the competitive exams are not tough or easy, it all depends on your preparation. solve the previous year’s question paper as much as you can. this makes your preparation really better.

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How to prepare for the exam:-

  • First student has to mark a good study plan. And be strict with your plan.
  • You can also take help from some books also. Or you can take some coaching classes as a crash course.
  • Make shorts note while you are studying. So that you revise it at the end time of preparation.
  • Solve previous year question papers.
  • If you do not have enough time for the preparation then just solve previous year question papers as much as you can.
  • Never start solving the question papers first, finish your academics first then move to the question papers.

Prepare well for your examination and try to sleep well before exams. It is very important to take proper sleep before the exam. Because in India it usually happens we study for the whole night and go for the exam in the morning. This is so wrong with your brain. give your brain proper relax before the exam.

Ok so Best of Luck for your exams.

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