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Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf For GS Paper-1 Download

Hello, Friends, Today is going to share very important notes for IAS Mains GS Paper-1, and the name of the pdf is Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf For GS Paper-1 Download, This Notes cover the topic of Fundamental Programme, Business Environment and Law, and this topic asked in IAS Mains GS Paper-1, We are also going to Provide all the syllabus of Business Environment and Law. You can Download this Pdf from the below link. Keep sharing this Business Environment and Law Notes to your friends also.

Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf For GS Paper-1 Download

Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf For GS Paper-1 Download

Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf For GS Paper-1 Download:-

The study material has been written in lucid and simple language and conscious efforts have been made to explain business environment, different forms and functions of organizations, basic elements of business and mercantile laws and the concept of entrepreneurship. This study material has been divided into three main parts –

Part-A:- Business Environment, and Part-B:- Business Laws
What is Business Environment:-

The term business is understood and explained in different ways by different people. For some, business is an activity, for some it is a method of transacting, for others it is a method of making money. People also argue that business is an organized activity to achieve certain pre-determined goals or objectives. The concept of business has undergone avast change. From a producer driven activity, it has become consumer centered phenomenon. While, earlier concept was to sell what is being produced, the modern concept has become to produce what is being desired’.

Part A: Syllabus of Business Environment (40 Marks):-

1.Business Environment:-

Introduction and Features; Concepts of Vision & Mission Statements; Types of Environment-Internal to the Enterprise (Value System, Management Structure and Nature, Human Resource, Company Image and Brand Value, Physical Assets, Facilities, Research & Development, Intangibles, Competitive Advantage), External to the Enterprise (Micro- Suppliers, Customers, Market Intermediaries; Macro- Demography, Natural, Legal & Political, Technological, Economy, Competition, Socio-cultural and International); Business Environment with reference to Global Integration; Comparative Analysis of Business Environment: India and Other Countries.

2. Forms of Business Organization:-

Concept and Features in relation to following business models-Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Company, Statutory Bodies and Corporations, HUF and Family Business, Cooperatives, Societies and Trusts, Limited Liability Partnership, OPCs, Other Forms of Organizations.

3. Scales of Business Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Large Scale Enterprises and Public Enterprises; MNCs. 4. Emerging Trends in Business:-

Concepts, Advantages and Limitations-Franchising, Aggregators, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), E-Commerce, Digital Economy.

5. Business Functions:-

Strategic- Planning, Budgetary Control, R&D, Location of a Business, Factors affecting Location, Decision Making and Government Policy, Supply Chain-Objectives, Importance, Limitations, Steps, Various Production Processes, Finance- Nature, Scope, Significance of Financial Management, Financial Planning (Management Decisions – Sources of Funds, Investment of Funds, Distribution of Profits), Marketing- Concept, Difference between Marketing and Selling, Marketing Mix, Functions of Marketing, Human Resources- Nature, Objectives, Significance, Services- Legal, Secretarial, Accounting, Administration, Information and Communication Technology, Social Functions.


6. Introduction to Law

Meaning of Law and its Significance, Relevance of Law to Modern Civilized Society, Sources of Law, Legal Terminology and Maxims; Understanding Citation of Cases.

7. Elements of Company Law

Meaning and Nature of Company, Promotion and Incorporation of a Company, Familiarization with the Concept of Board of Directors, Shareholders and Company Meetings, Company Secretary, E-Governance.

8. Elements of Law relating to Partnership and LLP

Nature of Partnership and Similar Organizations- Co-Ownership, HUF, Partnership Deed; Rights and Liabilities of Partners- New Admitted, Retiring and Deceased Partners, Implied Authority of Partners and its Scope, Registration of Firms, Dissolution of Firms and of the Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership Act.

9. Elements of Law relating to Contract

Meaning of Contract, Essentials of a Valid Contract, Nature and Performance of Contract, Termination and Discharge of Contract, Indemnity and Guarantee, Bailment and Pledge, Law of Agency.

10. Elements of Law relating to Sale of Goods

Essentials of a Contract of Sale, Sale Distinguished from Agreement to Sell, Bailment, Contract for Work and Labour and Hire-Purchase, Conditions and Warranties, Transfer of Title by Non-Owners, The doctrine of Caveat Emptor, Performance of the Contract of Sale, Rights of Unpaid Seller.

11. Elements of Law relating to Negotiable Instruments

Definition of a Negotiable Instrument; Instruments Negotiable by Law and by Custom, Types of Negotiable Instruments, Parties to a Negotiable Instrument- Duties, Rights, Liabilities and Discharge, Material Alteration, Crossing of Cheques, Payment and Collection of Cheques and Demand Drafts, Presumption of Law as to Negotiable Instruments.

12. Elements of Information Technology Act Cyberspace, Cyber laws, Scope of Cyber Laws, Classification of Cyber Crime, Information Technology Act 2000, Regulation of Certifying Authorities, Adjudication. 13. Role of CS- Duties and Responsibilities, Areas of Practice

Introduction, Role of Company Secretary under Companies Act, 2013- Role of Company Secretary in Employment, Role of Company Secretary in Practice, Recognition to Company Secretary in Practice under Various Laws.

Topic Covered Under Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf:-

  • Business environment
  • Form of business organisation
  • Scale of business
  • Emerging trends in business
  • Business functions
  • Introduction to law
  • Element of company law-I
  • Element of company law-II
  • Indian Partnership Act 1932
  • Indian Contract Act 1872
  • Sale of goods act 1930
  • Negotiable instruments Act 1981
  • Cyber laws
  • Role of Company Secretary
Some Detail About Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf
  • PDF Name:- Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf
  • Size:- 5 MB
  • Pages: 452
  • Quality:- Good
  • Format:- PDF
  • Medium:- English
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Download Business Environment and Law Notes Pdf

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