CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam Pattern of CCC Computer Course

CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam Pattern of CCC Computer Course

CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam Pattern:- Friends, the computer has become an important part of our life. If we want to simplify a task, we need a machine for all those things. Similarly, in today’s time, if we need complete knowledge about someone, then we take the help of a computer. Nowadays the computer has become a common course in government or non-government sectors. So we need to have general knowledge about computers Through today’s article, we are sharing detailed information about the concept of computer course (CCC) related to the general awareness of computers. Which applications have to be filled by the candidates to do CCC and which subjects have to be studied for its preparation. Information related to these is being given in today’s article Must read this article at the end and by preparing for CCC you can work in the post of computer operator in government and non-government institutions. (CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam)

NIELIT CCC Syllabus and Exam Pattern Full Details

CCC Course Syllabus

Before knowing the CCC course, we need to know about the CCC. This course in the field of computer-related to the general knowledge of computers. In this, you are given information related to the software used in the office such as Microsoft Office, Internet, account opening, KYC related service, cybersecurity, etc. To do this course, applications are filled every year under the Digital Literacy Program. The CCC exam is conducted by NIELIT Apart from this, other courses related to NIELIT Computer like ACC, BCC, CCC +, etc. are offered. After doing the CCC course, the passed candidates are not displayed any type of marks in the certificate, rather they are graded. The grades given by NIELIT for doing computer courses are given in the table.

Grade maximum marks
S Greater or equal to 85%
A 75% – 84%
B 65% – 74%
C 55% – 64%
D 50% – 54%
CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam

CCC exam pattern Complete Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for this exam is as follows:

  • Multiple choice type objective questions are asked in the exam.
  • The question paper consists of 100 multiple choice questions and their duration is of 1 hour.
  • The certificate is issued by NIELIT only after the candidates achieve 50% marks in the examination.
  • In the exam, questions related to basic concepts of computers and operating systems and the Internet.

CCC Course Syllabus

The syllabus of CCC exam is as follows.

Basic Concept and Introduction of Computer

The following types of questions are asked in this exam.

  • history of the computer.
  • General use of computer
  • Computer characteristics
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Similarities and Differences in Application Software and System Software
  • Methods of representing data and information
  • Concepts of data processing
  • The programming language used in computers.

Operating System (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Famous operating systems used in computers such as Linux windows, Red Hat, etc.
  • Applications and their interfaces in the computer (taskbar, icons, start menu, etc.)
  • Common functions used in operating systems. like
  • Changing time and date
  • Changing the display property of a computer
  • Add and remove software in Windows
  • Add and remove gadgets used in computer
  • Changing the mouse property
  • Add and remove printers.
  • File and directory management
  • Types of file and property

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Elements of Microsoft word (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Basic processing of world such as menu bar, using of help bar, using of icon dad below the menu bar.
  • Opening, saving, creating a page setup, preparing a print preview, and printing a document.
  • Editing, cutting, copy-pasting text written in a document, preparing an alignment, fonts, size
  • Using paragraph indents, bullets, and numbers in the text, changing text style.
  • Creating tables in the word, changing table length and height, removing and applying columns and rows, page borders and table borders, shedding, etc.

The element of Microsoft Excel (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Basic Concept of Microsoft Excel
  • Opening and closing, saving and printing of workbook
  • Addressing, Inter Data, Date and Time, Creating Text, Chart, Deleting and Insulating Row and Column, Editing Worksheet Data, Changing Cell Height and Weight MS Excel
  • Apply Formula, Functions, and Make Charts by giving Data

Concept and Introduction of Internet and Web Browser.

  • Basic Introduction and Object of Internet and Web Browsers.
  • Types of computer networks like local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), metropolitan area networks (MAN), etc.
  • The basic concept of the internet and its architecture.
  • Service of internet likes website, communication on the internet, the world wide web.
  • Preparing to access the internet in the computer by internet service protocol (ISPs), internet access technique.
  • Best and popular web browser software and configuration of a web browser.
  • Popular search engine, downloading, using favourite web address and folders, printing web pages, etc.

communication and collaboration (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • The basic concept of communication and collaboration
  • Introduction of email, email address, and configuring of the email client.
  • Opening and sending an email, reply to the email and forward of email, sorting and searching of email in inbox and outbox, creating a new email.
  • Sending documents by email, check spelling in email, handling SPAM, sending soft copy as an attachment by email.
  • Internet antiquities and using emojis when sending any email or messages.

Elements of PowerPoint (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Introduction of PowerPoint, opening, and closing PowerPoint presentation.
  • Create a new presentation by using a template, create a new presentation by using a blank presentation, entering and editing text, insert and removing slides in a presentation.
  • Inserting text table by using Excel worksheet, adding picture clip art, resizing and rescaling object, etc.
  • Adding movie and sounds, add and remove header and footer, in hashing text presentation, using the style in text.
  • Presenting and running slide, insert time and transitions on the slide, manage the speed of running slide.

Concept of digital financial service (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Basic introduction of digital financial service and its application.
  • Handling drawback of keeping cash at home likes loss or growth opportunity, unsafe and no credit eligibility.
  • In the banking sector, knowledge of types of accounts and deposits, types of loans and overdraft, demand drafts and fill up the cheque.
  • Opening a new account, check KYC, photo ID proof, and address proof knowledge.
  • Knowledge in the real-time gross settlement, National electronic fund transfer, ATM, internet banking, etc.
  • Knowledge of Government and nongovernment scheme likes Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhanmantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, etc.
  • Mobile banking and mobile wallets

Cybersecurity and future scale (CCC Course Syllabus)

  • Introduction of future skill
  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics process automation
  • Securing PC
  • Big data analytics
  • Blockchain technology
  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing
  • securing a smartphone.
  • Social media and mobiles

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) (CCC Course Syllabus. Complete Exam)

Q-Why a CCC certificate required?

Ans:- CCC certificate is required for computer operator and basic computer knowledge in government and non-government institutions.

Q-Who issues the CCC certificate?

Ans:- The CCC certificate issued by NIELIT under the Digital Literacy Program.

Q- What is the CCC exam syllabus? 

Ans:- The CCC exam consists of concepts related to computer and cybersecurity. Read the complete article above for more information on the syllabus.

Q- What is the total number of marks required in the CCC exam? 

Ans:-To get the certificate of this exam, it is mandatory for the candidate to get a minimum of 50% marks.

Q- What is the number of questions in the CCC course and questions of this type asked? 

Ans:- The exam consists of 100 questions with a duration of 1 hour. Objective type questions are asked in the exam.

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