Conditional Sentence Exercises PDF Download, English Grammar Conditional Sentence Rules

It is always better to learn new things every day. Here in this article, I will share with you Conditional sentences rules with Example, Conditional Sentence Exercises Pdf, Download Conditional Sentences in PDF, What are conditional sentences, Types of Conditional Sentences, etc.  I will make you understand the Conditional Sentences and the types of Conditional Sentences and will also share with you the PDF. You can download those in pdf. It can be important to you if you prepare for the competitive examination. To get Complete information, check the article below:

Conditional Sentence Exercises PDF Download, English Grammar Conditional Sentence Rules
Conditional Sentence Exercises PDF Download, English Grammar Conditional Sentence Rules

Conditional Sentence Exercises Pdf Download, English Grammar Conditional Sentence Rules:

English grammar is very broad and it is almost impossible to learn everything and memorize it for so long. It is like an ocean. You would have heard about many grammar rules like Tenses, Active voice, and Passive voice, etc. here is one more rules of grammar which you might know. The conditional Sentences which are used in certain conditions only. We will learn about the Conditional Sentences and their types with the example.

What are conditional sentences:

The Conditional Sentences are the Statement discussing the known factors and their consequences. If I talk about this in easy language- If work done in first sentences depends on the second sentence is called conditional sentences.

Example – I will travel to space if I become a Scientist.

The sentence where the first part of the sentence is incomplete without the second sentence is called- Conditional sentences.

What are the types of Conditional Sentences:

There are exactly three types of Conditional sentences and the rest of the things which come under this are clause.  There is a total of two parts of Conditional sentences and a total of three types of conditional sentences. We will discuss its type and then we will see its parts etc.

Types of Conditional sentences:

There are a total of three types of conditional sentences. if we understand that in easy language: The Grammar has only three rules:

The conditional sentences are also like this, The Conditional sentences are made or make in these three situations only. Either the Sentences would be in the past or would be in the present or future. like:

  • if clause in the present form
  • if clause in the past form
  • if Clause in future

There are also two parts of the conditional sentences:

  1. If clause
  2. Main Clause

Now let’s see the example of each sentence, that will be a bit better to understand.

1. Probable Conditional Sentences / Open Condition of the Present:-

This is the 1st type of Conditional sentence refer to a possible condition and possible result. When we need to say about the real-world situation then we use Probable Conditional Sentences, here is a Sentence structure and Examples of Conditional Sentences.

Probable Conditional Sentences Structure:-

Examples of Probable Conditional Sentences:-
  • If i go to Delhi, I will meet Kejariwal.
  • If you work hard, You will get Sucess.
  • If you run fast, you will win the race.
  • If he comes there, I will ask him this question.
  • If I go to Agra, I will see Tajmahal.

2. Improbable Contidional Sentence of the Present:-

This is the 2nd type of conditional sentence refer to an unlikely or hypothetical condition and its probable result. These sentences are not based on the actual situation.

Improbable Conditional Sentences Structure:-

Examples of Imrobable Conditional Sentences:-
  • If i were the district magistrate, I would change the Structure of the state.
  • If I were a bird, I would fly high in the sky.
  • If I were king, I would make you my minister.

Questions for you, please give the answer in comment box:-

  1. If he…….. alive, He would help me. (Fill the blank)
  2. If I were he, I will not sign the papers. (Find Errors)

3. Improbable Conditional of the past:-

This is the 3rd type of Conditional Sentences and refers to an impossible condition in the past and its probable result in the past.

Improbable Conditional Sentences of the past Structure:-

Examples of Imrobable Conditional Sentences of the past:-
  • If I had worked hard, I would have got the government job..
  • If I had known to him before, I would have discarded his friendship.
  • If the driver had been careful, the accident could have been averted.
  • If my friend had come, they would have surely help me.

It would be completely the same for this too. All the rules of forming the sentences in the conditional form will be same.

For more details regarding the conditional sentences and its Examples, you can download the PDF. You can click on the link given below to download  PDF.

Download Complete English Grammar Notes:-

Conditional Sentence Exercises Pdf Download

Download PDF of Conditional sentences

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