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Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book by S.Chand Pdf Download

Hello Friends, आज हम यानि आप सभी लोगो के लिए Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book by S.Chand Pdf लेकर आये है| Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book Pdf बहुत ही फेमस पुस्तक है, यह उन सभी छात्रो के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है जो UPSC, PCS की तैयारी करते है| जो छात्र Indian Economy को अपना वैकल्पिक विषय के रूप में लिया है उस छात्र को Dutt & Sundaram Sir की Indian Economy जरुर पढ़नी चाहिए| दोस्तों हम आप सभी को इस बुक के pdf download करने का link निचे दे रहें है इसे आप लोग Download बटन पर क्लिक करके प्राप्त कर सकते है|

Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book

Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book

Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book by S.Chand, Pdf:-

इस पुस्तक में जो महत्वपूर्ण टॉपिक दिए है उन्हें हम यंहा पर लिख रहे है इससे आप सभी लोगो को आईडिया हो जायेगा की यह बुक कैसी है और इसके अन्दर क्या क्या पढने को मिलेगा|

Part-I:- Structure of Indian Economy
  1. India As a Developing Economy.
  2. Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence.
  3. National Income Of India.
  4. Human resources and economic development,
  5. Human development in India,
  6. Occupational structure and economic development,
  7. Natural resources economic development and environmental degradation,
  8. Infrastructure in the Indian economy,
  9. Social infrastructure and social sector.
Part-II:-Planning and economic development
  1. Objective and strategy of economic planning in India,
  2. Industrial policy and Indian planning,
  3. Public sector and Indian planning,
  4. Disinvestment of public Enterprises,
  5. Redefining the role of the state,
  6. Globalization and its impact on India,
  7. Planning experience in India,
  8. 11th Five Year planning and inclusive growth,
  9. An approach to 12th five Year Plan (2012 to 2017),
  10. The problem of capital formation,
  11. Foreign capital foreign aid and economic development,
  12. Poverty and the planning process in India,
  13. The parallel economy in India,
  14. Unemployment in India,
  15. Inequality and economic power in India,
  16. Balanced regional development.
Part-III:-Agriculture in the national income
  1. Indian agriculture under the five-year plan: the Green Revolution,
  2. Food security in India,
  3. Irrigation and other agricultural input,
  4. Land reform,
  5. Size of farms and productive efficiency,
  6. Organization of rural credit in India,
  7. Agricultural marketing and warehousing,
  8. Agricultural labour.
Part-IV:- Indian industries
  1. Industrial pattern and the plans,
  2. Some large scale industries,
  3. Information technology industry,
  4. Small-scale Enterprise,
  5. Unorganized sector and informalisation of the Indian economy,
  6. Second National Commission on labour.
Part-V:-The tertiary sector in the Indian economy
  1. The foreign trade of India,
  2. India’s Balance of payments,
  3. Special economic zone,
  4. GATT WTO and India’s foreign trade,
  5. Indian currency system,
  6. Indian financial system: commercial banking system,
  7. The Indian financial system II: money and capital markets in India,
  8. Reserve Bank of India and monetary management,
  9. Indian public finance,
  10. Financial relations between the center and the states,
  11. Finance Commission,
  12. Government subsidies in India.

About Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book by S. Chand:-

  • Book Name:- Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy Book by S.Chand
  • Size:-137 MB
  • Pages:- 1037
  • Quality:- Good
  • Format:- PDF
  • Medium:- English

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Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy:- Download Pdf

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