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Elementary Knowledge of Computer Book Pdf Download for All competitive examinations.

Knowledge of computers is very essential in today’s context, Everyone has some basic knowledge about computers. Now in every examination, these are questions asked of Elementary Knowledge Of Computer. Here we bring the book for, computer awareness now you can download this book and start learning some basic concept which is based in the examination every year.

(1) The Internet is a system of –

[A] software bundles

[B] web page

[C] website

[D] interconnected network

Answer : [D] (Elementary Knowledge Of Computer) 

(2) Pressing Ctrl + F9 in Excel

[A] prints 9 worksheets

[B] prints a sheet

[C]] None of the above

[D] prints 9 followed by spaces

Answer : [C] 

(3) Drum printer is an example of

[A] input

[B] output

[C] processing

[D] storage

Answer : [B]

Download 120 Computer Wareness Related Important Questions

(4) Memory is made up of 

[A] a set of wires

[B] a set of circuits

[C] a large number of cells

[D] All of the above

Answer : [C]

(5) ………….. shows how the contents on the printed page will appear with margin, header, and footer. (Elementary Knowledge Of Computer)

[A] Draft

[B] Full-screen reading

[C] Outline

[D] Page layout

Answer : D] 

(6) A processor that collects the transmissions from several communications media and sends them over a single line that operates at a higher capacity is called 

[A] multiplexor 

[B] bridge 

[C] hub 

[D] router 

Answer : [A] 

(7) Which coding system allows non-English characters and special characters to be represented 





Answer : [B] 

(8) Computer system consist – 

[A] internal device 

[B] peripheral device 

[C] software 

[D] All of these 

Answer : [D] 

(9) PowerPoint provides ………… the number of layouts for use with a blank presentation. 

[A] 20 

[B] 22 

[C] 24 

[D] 26 

Answer : [C] (Elementary Knowledge Of Computer)

(10) To locate a data item for storage is 

[A] field 

[B] feed 

[C] database 

[D] fetch 

Answer : [D] 

(11) The first computer language developed was 





Answer : [D]

(12) To perform a calculation on stored data computer uses …….. number system. 

[A] decimal 

[B] hexadecimal 

[C] octal 

[D] binary 

Answer : [D]

(13) A (n) …….. appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked. 

[A] anchor 

[B] URL 

[C] hyperlink 

[D] reference 

Answer : [C] 

(14) Which language is direct recognized by the computer without a translation program?

[A] BASIC language 

[B] Assembly language 

[C] High-level language

[D] Machine language 

Answer : [D] 

(15) A nibble is equal to ……….. bits. (Elementary Knowledge Of Computer)

[A] 16 

[B] 32 

[C] 4 

[D] 8 

Answer : [B] 

(16) The number system based on 0 and 1′ only, is known as 

[A] binary system

[B] barter system 

[C] number system

 [D] hexadecimal 

Answer : [A] 

(17) Which of the following are not functions of the operating system? 

[A] User interface 

[B] File system corrupted 

[C] Resource allocation 

[D] All of the above 

Answer : [B] 

(18) The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors, is 

[A] Multi-programming 

[B] Multi-tasking 

[C] Timesharing 

[D] Multi-processing 

Answer : [D] 

(19) A computer also known as a server computer, is 

[A] supercomputer 

[B] mainframe computer 

[C] minicomputer 

[D] microcomputer 

Answer : [C]

(20) Which of the following components is the most essential for the computer system to work? 

[A] Input system 

[B] Output system 

[C] Storage system 

[D] CPU 

Answer : [D]

Elementary Knowledge Of Computer Book Pdf Download

This book is cover all the elementary Knowledge of Computer which is required for all the competitive examination. Now you can download the book from the below link.

Download Elementary Knowledge Of Computer Book Pdf

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