Examples of How To Start An Essay And The Largest Academic Database For Students

There are different types of essays, including argumentative, compare and contrast, descriptive, short, or narrative essay. Each format of the essay is different, but still have one thing in common: all essays need a good start that will attract more readers to them. But how do you create the introduction that will make more people interested in your ideas? Well, this article has got an answer for you.

How To Start An Essay: Top Tips And Tricks 

Here are some examples of how to start an essay. These essay samples can help you start your essay well and get more readers. Pick the one you like, and start writing your paper without hesitations.

  • Whenever you choose the material for your introduction, make sure to use the right resources for that. Use the largest database of academic paper examples to find the best essay samples on EssayTopic.net to see how other writers handled the introduction. Ask other writers you know to provide a sample of their work and ask them questions about how they wrote their essays and which difficulties did the face.
  • In order to write a good intro, understand who your audience is. This way, you will know how to immediately catch the attention of a potential reader. If you are not sure about who might be interested in your essay then don’t write for a specific audience — instead, make your introduction broader. 
  • Ask your readers a simple question related to the main topic of your paper. Make sure that it’s clear. Don’t ask too many questions: it’s best to ask only one question, but a good one, instead of many questions without any point. You could also ask a question and give an answer to it in the conclusion.
  • Share a personal story from your life. It can be literally anything, even if it’s something that’s not really connected to the topic of your paper. What’s important is emotions that your story has, and how both the story and the subject of your essay are similar. Some readers enjoy emotional intros,  so you will definitely touch the hearts of many. 
  • Tell an anecdote. It might not be suitable for many types of essays, but still, it can attract any reader quickly if done properly. If you are writing an informal or personal essay, it could be really a great way to start your essay. Make sure that your joke is appropriate and doesn’t go beyond limits.
  • Share an interesting fact about the subject of your paper. It should be a short sentence that is not commonly known by many. If you are have conducted research on your subject before, share some information about what you have found or studied. Just remember that the goal of the introduction is only to present a topic and not fully describe it.

Top 10 Essay Topics For All Kinds Of Paper

Here are the best samples of interesting essay topics for any kind of essay. Each example can be used for different essay formats.

  1. Which languages do you know other than English? Did anyone help you to learn them? 
  2. What should be changed in the modern world? Which issues do we face today?
  3. Which special skills do you have? How did you develop them?
  4. Should the use of cell phones be limited? How harmful are they? 
  5. Should education be free for everyone? What are the benefits of free education? 
  6. Should everyone on Earth become vegetarian and dedicate to sustainable living and consumption?
  7. Describe the best and the worst days of your life. What is similar and different between them?
  8. Should animals’ rights be protected by humans? Should we stop animal testing? 
  9. Do you consume fast food? In your opinion, should fast food be substituted by healthier alternatives?
  10. Who is the best person you have ever met? How did they change your life? 

The best way to learn how to write good essays is to learn from the mistakes and experiences from the examples of others. Always believe in yourself and your writing, and you will definitely achieve everything you have planned. Don’t stop on your way to the goal, even if it seems impossible. 

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