Gram Sachiv Salary work profile and Promotions

Gram Sachiv Salary work profile and Promotions

Gram Sachiv Salary work profile and Promotions:- Friends, today we are working with the village head and Subject to the village authorities, they will give information about one such government employee who works for the good of the village. Those who are considered important persons to implement new development works brought by the Prime Minister of the country or the Chief Ministers of the state in the village. Yes, today we will talk about the work of the Gram Sachiv and promotions given to him in addition to his salary. Just as a Sachiv is selected for any government or non-government work.

Similarly, for the appointment of a Sachiv in the village, educated and knowledgeable people of the village are appointed as Gram Sachiv. But now to become a Gram Sachiv you have to pass the written examination. If you also want to become the Gram Sachiv, then do tell us in our comment box. We will also share information about all the syllabus and procedure to become a Gram Sachiv.

Friends, now we will give you information about salary, work profile and promotion to be given to any Gram Sachiv. So let’s get started and let you share the brief.

Gram Sachiv Work profile.

  • The Gram Sachiv is responsible for the development of the village.
  • He accounts for the clerical work and money being done in the village
  • Disseminates and propagates government schemes and reaches the villagers.
  • It is a link between the government and the village. They work as a link between the two.
  • Keeps a record of the resolutions passed by the Panchayat.
  • For this reason, the Gram Sachiv is also called the Gram Panchayat Sevak.
  • The job of the Gram Sachiv is to implement the government plans for the development of the village and propose it basically.
  • A Gram Sachiv is involved in the clerical work and money keeping accounts of the Panchayat.
  • It is the responsibility of a Gram Sachiv to implement the approval given by the state government in the village.

UK Gram Panchayat Development officer Salary

Gram Sachiv salary

A Gram Sachiv is paid a good salary for the above-given tasks. Till now any Gram Sachiv was giving between ₹ 24000 as total salary. But in the year 2020, there was a demand to increase this salary. After which Rs 29200 should be given to any Gram Sachiv as basic salary. Apart from this, other benefits given by the government should also be provided in addition to the basic salary. Generally speaking, the salary of any Gram Sachiv will be between 38000 to ₹ 42000 in the year 2020.

Other benefits

The salary structure includes all allowances and payments that an employee is provided with grade pay. Learn in detail below:

  • Dearness allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • City compensation allowance
  • Special pay

Gramin Dak Sevak Salary-GDS Salary, Work and Promotions

Gram Sachiv promotion

When a Gram Sachiv continues to work on his work for many years. Then, of course, he is given a chance to become a senior officer after a few years. A candidate working on the post of a Gram Sachiv is conducting departmental examinations based on his work and quality. The employees who pass these departmental examinations are appointed as the next higher class employees. As a final appointment, the Gram Sachiv is appointed as the higher employee of the Gram Sabha and the Mandal.

Gram Sachiv Appointment

Friends, different rules have been making in different states for the appointment of each Gram Sachiv. In many states of the country, such as Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, etc., the appointment of a Sachiv done only after examination. In every gram panchayat, a Sachiv is appointed by the Panchayat and Rural Development Department as per government rules. The department issues advertisements for filling the vacancies, Eligible candidates can apply and succeed in the examination and get selected within the due date.

Qualification of Gram Sachiv

If you also want to work as a Gram Sachiv. To become the Gram Sachiv, the candidate must have passed graduation in any faculty.

Age Limit

The age limit for Gram Sachiv has been set from 18 to 35 years. The reserved category is exempt as per rules.


Advertisement is an issue from time to time by the department to the Gram Sachiv, after the advertisement, the examination is conducted on the fixed date, There are two papers in its examination. In the first paper 100 questions are asked, for these 100 marks are fix and for this, there is a time period of 2 hours. (This happens as per the rules of the state government.) The second paper also has 100 questions, for which 100 marks are prescribed and for this, there is a time period of 2 hours. (This is according to the rules of the state government) Note: – In Telangana state, two papers organized for this post.

Exam Pattern

Its examination pattern in Haryana State Government is as follows-

Subject Number of questions Time
general awareness 20  
Hindi 20  
English 20  
mathematics 20  
reasoning 20  
The total 100 questions 2 Hours
Gram Sachiv Salary work

Friends, in today’s article we shared with you brief information about the work of Gram Sachiv, his salary and promotion. Hope you have liked this information very much. You must share your opinion in our comment box. If you also want to work as a Gram Sachiv, then you can join the Village Secretary exam to be held in different states. Above, we have also shared appropriate information with respect to becoming the Gram Sachiv.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Who is the Gram Sachiv? Answer:- Employees who contribute to the implementation of all the schemes presented by the government in the village and make the village prosperous are called village secretaries.
  2. Can Gram Sachiv Be All Persons? Answer:- No, To become a Gram Sachiv, you must pass the examination to be conducted by the department every year.
  3. What the educational qualification required to become a Gram Sachiv? Answer:- To become the Gram Sachiv, candidates must have a minimum graduation degree.
  4. Do all states have to take exams to become Gram Sachiv? Answer:- Notification is given by the state government in each state to become the Gram Sachiv By joining this notification you can become a Gram Sachiv.
  5. What is the salary of Gram Sachiv? Answer: The salary of the Gram Sachiv has been present as the basic salary of ₹ 29400 after the year 2020.

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