How to Become a Professor at University

How to Become a Professor at University

Friends, Studying is the most important part of our life. It is very important for anyone to study to be successful in their life. Today’s article is going to be very beneficial for those candidates, who want to pursue a career in the teaching line or become a teacher or professor. In today’s article, we will tell you, how you can become a professor at university?

How to Become a Professor at University
How to Become a Professor at University

Before becoming a professor, the candidates must know, how to become a professor in university? In this article, today we will tell you in detail how to be a professor at university?

Apart from this, what are the eligibility for what studies you have to do to become a professor at university? and will give you information about how much salary gets to a professor.

Professors are experts in one subject in any university. To become a professor, you have to work hard to study and diligently. You cannot become a professor directly in any university. For this, you have to give many exams and also have to pass it.

After that, you get joining as an Assistant Professor in any university. After some time, when you have the experience, then you can work on the post of Professor of that university. To become a professor in India, you have to qualify for the exam for the National Eligibility Test (NTA). So let’s know what qualifications for professor.

Qualification to become a professor in university:-

To become a professor at any university, you must have the following qualifications:-

  • One has to complete graduation from any government recognized university.
  • After graduation, you have to complete post-graduation(PG) from a recognized college.
  • Your post-graduation is mandatory at least 55% mark.
  • After post-graduation, you have to complete a P.hd or M.Phil course.

The age limit of a professor:-

No upper age limit has been fixed for becoming a professor in India, that is why there are many people, who work on the post of professor after gaining experience from other jobs.

To become a professor in a university, a candidate has to qualify by preparing for UGC NET. This is an extremely long process; hence no age limit has been fixed for becoming a professor.

What to do to become a university professor:-

Friends, to become a professor at the university, you have to keep in mind the following steps, and only after this process, you can work on the post of professor at the university.

Study in class 12th with your favourite subject:-

Candidates who have to become a teacher or professor, they can complete their studies in the 12th examination with their favourite subject. Subject with which you study in the 12th standard, you later get a good knowledge of that subject from which you can teach in a college or university with your favourite subject at the university.

Study graduation with your favourite subject:-

To become a professor at the university, you have to study for graduation, if you study graduation with your favourite subject, then you benefit from it. To become a professor at university, you must have at least 55% marks in graduation degree.

Complete Post graduation with your favourite subject:-

After graduation, you must take a post-graduation or master’s degree in your favourite subject. To become a professor at any university, you have to become a specialist in one subject when you become an expert in your favourite subject. When you become a specialist in one subject, then you can easily teach any university student. You should have at least 55 per cent marks in post-graduation degree.

Complete M.Phil or PhD:-

If you want to work as a professor, then after Post-graduation, you can complete one of the PhD or M.Phil degree after which you studied for the post of professor at the university. If you have a PhD, then you can work by staying in the position of research and professor at the university, for this you have to have 55% marks in post-graduation.

List of Professional Courses after Graduation

Apply for UGC NET exam:-

After doing post-graduation, if you want to teach a university, then you have to give UGC NET Exam. If you pass the UGC NET exam then you can teach in the post of a professor in a college.

CGPSC Assistant Professor Syllabus and Exam Pattern-2019

What are the skills required:-

All the above eligibility and conditions have been determined by the official institutions, so all of them are mandatory. In addition to all those essentials, a candidate must have the following skills to become a professor.

  • Candidates who become professors must have a passion for reading.
  • The professors must have positive and confident.
  • The candidate should be more interested in a subject
  • The professors must also be an effective advocate.
  • The professor should come to time management
  • Candidate should have the ability to solve problems in a short time.
  • The professors should keep doing research in his field.

Responsibility and duties of the professor:-

The responsibility of the professors of any university is not only to teach or lecture the students of the university. Rather, the responsibility and duties of a professor are more than this. Typically, professors have to handle many responsibilities related to supervising, research, monitoring advising, presentations etc. The following is the one given by a university to a professor

  • Preparing courses, lectures, and experiments for your class.
  • Check the Class assignment.
  • Preparing the question paper for the exam and performing the test and checking the exam.
  • Calculating students’ grades.
  • Out of class advising students related to the syllabus.
  • Researching new learning techniques and presenting them to students.
  • Leading academic visits and attending seminars.
  • Supervising graduate students and helping them in their research work.
  • Periodically viewing papers for academic journal publications.
  • Lecture in the college’s public campus.
  • Researching new developments in education.

University professor salary

Teachers, working as professors get around 70000 to 1.5 lakhs per month. The salary given to teachers based on experience may vary from the university professor.

In the prestigious institutes of India like IITs, AIIMSs, IIMs, BITs, the salary paid to the professor is about 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month.


As far as the progress of a professor is concerned, a university professor gradually progresses and becomes the chancellor of that university.

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