How to become NIA Inspector
How to become NIA Inspector:- Friends, there are many students who have the desire to explore and explore curiosity and mysterious events. If you wish as a profession, then you will also be paid in lieu of your work. And if you look at your life in the Intelligence Department, then today’s article can prove very useful for you. In today’s article, we will give you information about the name of one such department and the position present in them. Which will be very helpful in your mysterious search. So friends today, we will talk about the National Intelligence Agency in which you can work on the post of an inspector. So how come you become a National Intelligence Inspector and how to qualify it Share all important information with you. Before starting the article, you are giving brief information about the National Intelligence Agency, By the way, you must have seen that when there is a terrorist incident in a country. Then some of the country’s major agencies take responsibility for investigating this incident. All of these responsibilities are headed by the Central Bureau of Investigation, RAW, and NIA. So let us give you information about NIA in today’s article

NIA Agency

The National Investigation Agency created in the country is very important to see and investigate all the terrorist incidents happening in the country. The National Investigation Agency was established in 2009. The work of this agency is done under the MHA Government Body. The headquarter of this agency is located in New Delhi. While the Executive of the National Investigation Agency is Mr YC Modi (IPS Officer). The entire work of this agency is under the MHA Government.
  • Full-Form of NIA: – National Investigation Agency
  • Formed in: – 2009
  • Government Body: MHA
  • Head Quarters: – New Delhi
  • Agency Executive: Mr YC Modi (IPS Officer).

How to become NIA Inspector

Friends, if you also want to work in an inspector position in NIA, then you have to be qualified in NIA. That is, you must be medically and medically qualified in addition to educational qualification. To apply for the NIA exam, you must have a graduation degree in any discipline. The age of the candidate should be between 20 to 30 years. To become an NIA inspector, one has to appear in the graduation examination under the Service Selection Commission every year. Every year in SSC, the CGL exam takes place. Through this exam, you can work directly in the post of a Sub Inspector in NIA. After 5 years, you are allowed to work in the post of an inspector.
Educational Qualification Graduation degree from any subject
Age limit Between 20 and 30 years
Medium of examination Ssc cgl exam
Selection Process Written test, physical fitness, medical test
Appointment post sub-Inspector
Post promotion Inspector (after 5 years)

Written exam

If you want to work for the post of NIA Inspector, then you must first fill the application form of SSC CGL. The application form is available every year on the official website of SSC. After filling the application form, you must pass the written examination. The written exam of SSC CGL consists of 4 question papers in which you have to pass the written exam (Objective Types, Essay Writing, Computer Probability Test). The objective type question paper in the exam asks questions from the subjects of Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge / General Awareness and English. There are 25 – 25 questions from all the parts and 2 marks are determined for each question. In this way, you have to solve 100 questions in 1 hour time. Below we are giving you information about each stage of the written examination.
SR Exam Subject total number time
1 tier 1 Mathematics, Reasoning, English, GK/GS 200 marks 60 minutes
2 tier 2 mathematics English 400 mark 4 hours (2 hours of each subject)
3 tier 3 essay writing 200 marks 30 minutes
4 tier 4 Computer probability test

Physical fitness (How to become NIA Inspector)

Like all examinations, the eligibility for physical fitness in this examination is also valid. Below we are giving information about physical fitness
height 170 cm for men 150 cm for women 5-centimetre exemption for candidates residing in mountainous areas
Chest 71 Centimeter (without swelling) 76 cm (with swell)
Eyesight Distant sight – 6/6, 6/9 Near sight- 0.6, 0.9
Medical fitness of candidates is done after physical fitness. After passing all these examinations, the candidates are appointed to the post of Sub Inspector in NIA.

Work profile

When a candidate is appointed as Sub Inspector in NIA, he is given many responsibilities. They have to perform the following tasks as responsibilities
  • Often clerical court proceedings, issuance of warrants and warrants to various individuals and organizations
  • To investigate witnesses and victims related to special cases Pune custody etc.
  • Being with their superiors during the raid.
  • Their work is usually to work against big terrorist organizations and international mafia and drug gangs.
  • Their task is to control the illegal activities that often take place in the field.

Salary of NIA Inspector.

Good salaries are paid to the candidates appearing in the post of Inspector working in NIA. NIA staff posting in far-flung areas. The areas where the maximum violence and terrorism outbreaks occur, they are appointed in those areas only. On the basis of appointment, they are paid according to the effectiveness of that city. The salary given to the NIA inspector is as follows
  • Employees of X cities are initially given ₹ 43166 per month
  • Employees residing in Y cities are given ₹ 39492 per month.
  • Employees residing in Z cities are given ₹ 37664 per month.
NIA officers paid 13 months salary. That is, each year, he gives an additional salary of one month. In addition, they receive all the allowances throughout their career. After the promotion, their salary is around ₹ 112400 per month.


After 5 years of promotion given to the candidates who are appointed to the post of Sub Inspector. The promotion is given only after the inspection of the candidates’ work and their activities. In the promotion, the candidates are appointed from the post of Sub Inspector to the post of Inspector. After this, they are not given any type of promotion.

Frequently Asked question

  1. What is NIA? Answer:- This institution created to monitor terrorist incidents in India called the National Intelligence Agency. This agency called NIA in short form.
  2. How to become an inspector in NIA? Answer:- To become an Inspector in NIA, candidates must first pass the SSC CGL exam After promotion, he given the post of NIA Inspector upon appointment.
  3. What are the eligibility criteria for NIA Inspector? Answer:- Information regarding the eligibility of candidates for NIA is present in the article.
  4. How long is the promotion in NIA? Answer: – On appointment to NIA, as a promotion, it transferred from Sub Inspector to the post of Inspector. This promotion takes place after 5 years
  5. How much salary paid to the NIA inspector? Answer: – NIA inspector gets 35400 initially and ₹ 112400 per month after promotion.

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