How to manage stress during the preparation of IIT and NEET Exam.

How to manage stress during the preparation:- Hello friends, during the examination, many types of questions arise in the mind of every candidate. Due to which they face many types of problems related to the exam. To overcome this problem, we will give you information about how stress can be reduced during a big exam like IIT and NEET exam. Candidates feel a lot of stress for preparing subjects in IIT and NEET examinations. The stress due to which candidates are unable to pay proper attention to the examination and candidates are not able to prepare for tough exams in a better way. Today, we will give you detailed information about how to overcome stress during the big exams like IIT and NEET by the methods we tell you today.

How to manage stress during the preparation of IIT

In order to get the best marks and rank in the IIT exam, candidates first have to reduce the problems related to the exam. If a brilliant candidate prepares for the IIT exam then it is very important to understand the difficult questions and concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Because of which candidates feel stressed With the help of some of the methods given below to reduce these stresses, you can reduce the stress during the preparation of the exam immensely.
  • In order to reduce stress, the candidate must first have the proper knowledge about all the subjects.
  • The topics asked in the exam like Physics Chemistry and Math should be used in easy ways.
  • The rules used in physics and chemistry should be memorized orally with a better technique.
  • The concepts related to the subject must be cleared before solving the physics and chemistry questions.
  • For Math questions, candidates should spend maximum time in many ways.
  • Which more are asked in Physics Chemistry and Math subjects in IIT exam Examination papers are prepared based on these concepts.
  • If the candidate wants to reduce the stress of the exam then it is necessary to take a break of at least 30 minutes during the preparation of each subject.
  • In order to prepare for the subject of Mathematics and to reduce the stress in a difficult subject like Mathematics, the candidates should simplify the questions of Mathematics and their formulas.
  • Through the above measures, you can reduce the stress during the IIT examinations.
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How to manage stress during the preparation of NEET

In the NEET exam, candidates asked questions related to the subject of Physics Chemistry, and Biology. While preparing for each subject, candidates feel stressed due to a lack of knowledge about the subject. If a candidate is not properly knowledgeable in any subject, then he feels more stressed at the time of examination and is not able to score more in the examination. Today in this article, we are discussing how to make a candidate stress-free during the NEET exam. With some of the measures we have suggested, you can manage the stress during exam time. IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Entry. (How to manage stress during the preparation)
  • No internal topics asked more than Physics in the NEET exam Therefore, candidates advised keeping the concepts of physics in general clear.
  • In physics, questions usually asked on the basis of the formula of different topics and their derivation.
  • If the candidate can understand better the derivation of the formulas of physics then their stress reduced.
  • In the subject of chemistry, the examination has more and more questions related to chemical formulas and their structures.
  • In order to know more about the chemical formula and reaction of chemistry, the candidate required to know about the compound and its reaction mechanism.
  • Most of the biology questions asked in the NEET exam. Because after NEET examination, candidates have to study doctor.
  • Most stress in the NEET examination is from the subject of Biology. Because of this topic, questions asked related to both Zoology and Botany topics.
  • To reduce these stresses, the candidate has to memorize all the topics of biology easily in the chart.
  • At the time of preparation of all subjects, candidates required to give a break of at least 30 minutes per subject. Which will not make the candidate’s brain feel too stressed.
  • With the above methods, you can easily reduce stress in the NEET exam.

Comparison between IIT and NEET

(How to manage stress during the preparation)
parameter IIT NEET
full form Indian Institute of Technology National Eligibility Entrance Test
Admission for Engineering Medical
Subject Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Level Hard Medium
Organize one time per year one time per year
How to manage stress during the preparation

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