IERT Entrance exam Syllabus and Pattern, See full Syllabus

IERT Entrance exam Syllabus and Pattern, See full Syllabus

All the candidates who have done class 12th with Science and want to be an engineer they can apply for the IERT Examination. Here in this article, I will give you complete information about the IERT Entrance Exam Syllabus and will give you all the details about this. here you will get to know about the Syllabus and Exam Pattern of the IERT Entrance Test. To get complete information about this, check the complete article below. I have given all the details regarding this in the article below.

IERT Entrance exam Syllabus and Pattern, See full Syllabus
IERT Entrance exam Syllabus and Pattern, See full Syllabus

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IERT Entrance exam Syllabus and Pattern, See full Syllabus:

In order to get selected in the IERT (Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology) Colleges. A candidate will have to clear the Entrance Examination and on the basis of the marks that would be scored by the candidate in the Entrance Exam. they will get the college. Now here In this article, I will share with you the complete syllabus of the IERT Entrance Exam and will also tell you about the Exam Pattern of the Entrance test, etc and I last I will also share with you some tips to prepare for this examination. Now let’s see the complete Exam pattern of the IERT Entrance test and after that, we will see the syllabus of the Entrance Examination.

Exam Pattern of IERT Entrance Exam:

The Institute of Engineering and Rural technology Entrance test exam Pattern is very simple. There is not too many questions. You will get enough time to attend all the questions. Here is the Exam Pattern of the IERT Entrance Test:

  • All the questions would be in Objective type with multiple choice answers.
  • Total Number of Questions: 75
  • Total Time Duration: 3 hours
  • Maximum Marks: 300
  • Each question carries 4 marks. A candidate will be given 4 marks for each right response.
  • There is also negative marking: 1 marks will be deducted for each wrong response.

I hope you understand the complete Paper Pattern of the examination. Now let’s see the IERT Entrance Exam Syllabus:

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Syllabus of IERT Entrance Examination:

The Syllabus of the Examination might be a bit broad and hard to cover the entire syllabus at a time. A candidate will have to prepare three subjects for the IERT Entrance Examination:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Now let’s see the chapters and topics that you have to cover in these subjects. here I will tell you the name of the chapters and will also try to tell you the topics of those chapters.

Physics Syllabus of IERT Entrance test:


  • Fundamental units
  • Fundamental quantities
  • System of fundamental units
  • Standard meter
  • Standard kilograms
  • Standard second
  • Micron
  • Angstrom & light-years
  • Derived units
  • Measurements of small length
  • The principal of vernier calipers
  • screw gauge and its applications
  • Limit of the accuracy of measurement
  • Significant figures


  • Elementary Knowledge of Vectors
  • Distance & displacement
  • speed & velocity
  • representation of a vector
  • Addition of vectors
  • Acceleration Equation of motion under gravity.


  • Laws of Motion
  • Unit of force
  • Law of conservation of momentum
  • Moment of Force
  • Moment of force and its unit
  • principal of moments
  • Condition of stable
  • Unstable and neutral equilibrium.


  • Work
  • Power
  • Energy and its units
  • Definition of energy
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential energy
  • Transformation of energy
  • Conservation of mechanical energy
  • Different forms of energy


  • Pressure in liquids
  • Unit of pressure
  • Laws of liquid pressure
  • Deduction of Archimedes’s principle
  • Floatation upthrust of gases.
  • The principal of simple barometer
  • Practical application etc.


  • Periodic motion
  • Time period
  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Characteristics of simple harmonic motion
  • Wave Motion & Sound- Formation of wave
  • Transverse and Longitudinal waves
  • Wavelength


  • Kinetic Model of gases
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Thermal Energy
  • Thermal Radiation


  • Facts about Light
  • Reflection of Light
  • Refraction of Light
  • Numerical Problems related to this chapter etc.

Chemistry Syllabus of IERT Entrance test:

Inorganic Chemistry:

  • Classification of elements,
  • General characteristics of Mendeleev’s periodic table.
  • Electronic configuration
  • Position of the following elements in the periodic table
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Sulfur & chlorine
  • Drinking water
  • Volumetric composition of water
  • Hard & soft water
  • Temporary & permanent hard water
  • Physical & chemical methods for the removal of hardness of the water.
  • Laboratory method of preparation
  • Properties and uses of the following gases: oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, sulphurated hydrogen & hydrogen chloride, etc.
  • Difference between metals & nonmetals
  • The metallurgy of Aluminum.

Organic Chemistry:

  • Introduction of organic chemistry
  • Definition and scope of organic chemistry
  • Difference between organic
  • Inorganic compounds
  • Preliminary introduction of the tetrahedral nature of the carbon atom.
  • Classification & nomenclature of organic compounds-Aliphatic
  • Aromatic
  • Methods of preparation and properties of Paraffins
  • Unsaturated hydrocarbons
  • Simple introduction of Plastic
  • Artificial fiber
  • Medicines
  • Explosives
  • Soap and detergents.

Prepare the organic and Inorganic Chemistry and do not forget to prepare teh basic Chemistry. Questions can be also asked from there.

Mathematics Syllabus of IERT Examination:

  • Arithmetics
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration etc.

This is the complete syllabus of the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology Entrance Examination. All the candidates must prepare for this in well manner. The competition is too much in this. More than lakhs of students appear for this examination every year and around fees get a chance and take admission in the college. prepare well and find the best study material for the preparation.

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