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Latest Internal Security Notes for UPSC download Pdf.

In UPSC GS-3 there will be questions from Internal Security and without the proper knowledge you can not deal with these questions. Here in this Latest Internal Security Notes for UPSC you will find all the concept related to India’s Internal Security. So just Download the pdf of Internal Security notes.

What is Internal Security Issue in India?

Intermittent terrorist attacks perpetrated by foreign and homegrown terrorist groups have been disrupting peace and political order in the country. Infiltration, illegal migration, and trafficking of arms and narcotics are not only breaching the country’s international borders but are also aggravating its security situation.

Some of major root causes of Internal Security:-

  1. The root cause for the rise in internal security threats is the inability of the states to address the many genuine grievances of the people.
  2. The gap between the unrealistic expectations, fuelled by populist rhetoric, and their actual fulfilment has increased and not decreased over the years.
  3. An educational system which produces unemployable young boys and girls has not helped. Pressure on land has made the task of survival in agriculture more difficult.
  4. But it is not ideology and revolutionary zeal that is driving them. For many, joining these groups is the only way to survive.
  5. What they cannot get through legitimate means they obtain through arms and explosives. Their tactics are no different from the insurgents and terrorists.
  6. Corrupt politicians, policemen and civil servants have made their own adjustments with these groups. A live-and-let-live attitude is mutually beneficial to all of them.

Suggestions for Improving Internal Security:-

  1. Effective steps to reduce ethnic and social inequalities, disparities in educational and employment opportunities.
  2. Creating effective machinery for the redressal of public grievance, are absolutely essential to improve the environment in which extremist violence flourishes.
  3. Steps to reduce economic deprivation and improve the delivery of essential services can erode the base of public support on which the extremist movements survive.
  4. A thriving economy, which gives hope and opportunity to the people, is more likely to defeat all types of extremist movements than any other strategy.
  5. The need for a well co-ordinate security apparatus can hardly be overemphasized.
  6. This Trusteeship was mandated to place limits on Jewish immigration and create a division of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab provinces but not states.
  7. A composite force on the lines of the National Security Guards (NSG) should be organized in all the states, even in those states where the internal security situation is not so serious.
  8. But in the states where the situation has gone beyond their control, the Centre, as lai down in the Constitution, is duty-bound to intervene, notwithstanding the fact that la and order is under the State List.
  9. The Union government is charged with the responsibility of protecting the states from internal disturbances under Article 353 of the Constitution, even though law and order comes under List-II, the State List.
  10. The National Security Council and the Cabinet Committee on security has to evolve more effectively to frame counter strategic programmes against security threats in a proactive manner, confining the threats by gheraoing before eradicating.
  11. Long pending police reforms must be finalised within a time frame. The criminal justice system is still in the shape which the British left it in and required changes have not been done.
  12. Even the language of the court is such that the person for whom it is meant cannot understand the language and meaning of the court, Not only is the language of the court required to be simplified, but it should also be made people friendly.
  13. To tackle economic offences and money laundering, effective coordination regarding governance in the field of taxes and other financial aspects is required between regulatory agencies concerned and the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau (CEIB).
  14. Given the close nexus between drug trafficking, organised crime and terrorism, it is also necessary to improve the effectiveness of Narcotics Control Bureau.
  15. The Chief Ministers of states are required to work in consonance with the Union Government with all sensitivity and by understanding the threats, the curbing of which is the responsibility of both the Union and State Governments.
  16. There are visible and invisible Maoists sources of finance and channels of procuring weapons which deserve high priority. In case of Maoists’ action, political statements and counter statements, Centre versus State blame game, accusations of intelligence and security failure, even though relevant, but leading nowhere, should be avoided.
  17. India needs to strengthen its coastal security considerations to protect its vital economic interests in two million square kilometres of the Exclusive Economic Zone

In today’s context of a nation state, the challenge lies in changing the long-term concept of national security, which we need to understand in a comprehensive sense rather than in narrow military terms only. In the absence of the feeling of ‘Nation First’ in the heart of each and every citizen, we would not succeed in attaining freedom from the internal security threats.

Recent Internal Security Crisis engendered by Social Media:-

  1. Mobile and social network interfaces were used to send offensive clips and hate messages that triggered panic and mass exodus of north east Indians from large parts of India in the aftermath of the ethnic clashes in Assam in 2012.
  2. In 2013, a morphed video on YouTube was used to fan communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. A propaganda video released by ISIS shows alleged Indian Jihadists fighting in Syria and calling for more Indian recruits to join the cause.
  4. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) annual report used a picture of the Spain-Morocco border to show Indian border floodlighting.
  5. Child kidnapping rumours lead to lynching by a mob in Jharkhand. Issues
  6. Misinformation and disinformation spread in the media is becoming a serious social challenge. It is leading to the poisonous atmosphere on the web and causing riots and lynching on the road.
  7. In the age of the internet (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,) it is a serious problem as rumours, morphed images, click-baits, motivated stories, unverified information, planted stories for various interests spread easily among 35 crore internet users in India.
  8. There have been many instances of online rumours leading to killings of innocent people. In some cases, ministers have deleted tweets after realizing the fake news which they shared earlier.

Latest Internal Security Notes For UPSC Download Pdf

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