List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Human

Bacteria are a class of microbes causing many deadly diseases in plants and animals. They are the disease-causing agent not only in Human Beings but also for all the other organisms that are living on the earth. Here Wifigyan has brought for you a List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria in humans. To know more about the Diseases Caused by Bacteria continue reading us and scroll down so as to protect yourself and your near and dear ones to become sick due to any such kind of Bacterial diseases.

List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Human
List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Human

List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria in Human:-

Bacteria was the first organism that evolved on earth. They are the Sole members of Kingdom Monera along with a few other prokaryotes namely Blue-green algae and PPLO(Mycoplasma). Hence to consider that the first cellular organism that evolved on earth was considered as Anaerobic Archaebacteria. These are a class of Bacteria that can survive in any physiological condition. Such that their life processes are maintained they intake chemoautotrophic mode of nutrition. Evolutionary processes later on led towards the formation of bacteria which were heterotrophic and survived over hosts which were capable of providing nutrition to them. Hence the infective bacteria came into being.

Infective or pathogenic bacteria which basically are Gram Negative stained are the ones that cause harm to human beings or rather to all the living organisms. These bacteria are the causative agents of many harmful diseases in Plants and Animals. All the bacteria are not harmful but some are. The pathogenic bacteria are Negatively Gram Stained while the Good bacteria are Positively Gram Stained.

Types of Bacteria:-

Bacteria are the only Prokaryotic organisms present in the atmosphere. Hence, they are categorized on many different bases. Here we are going to describe to you about some different kinds of Bacteria on the basis of Nutrition:-

  • Autotrophic Bacteria: The bacteria which have the ability to prepare food for ourselves. These may be of two types;

Photoautotrophic Bacteria and Chemoautotrophic Bacteria.

  • Heterotrophic Bacteria: The bacteria which do not have the ability to prepare their own food.

On the basis of shapes and sizes, bacteria may be of following types:-

  • Coccus: Spherical shape
  • Spirillum: Spiral Shape
  • Vibriyo: Comma shaped
  • Bacillus: Rod Shaped

Human Diseases Caused by Bacteria:-

The pathogenic Bacteria around us in our surroundings may cause many different types of diseases in human beings. They are very harmful to us. Some bacterial diseases may cause deathly harm to human beings. We on our planet Earth are surviving only because we have successfully achieved victory over making our immune system superior as per the reach of these Bacteria. Elsewhere they are present in our surroundings all the time. Hence, to support our existence, the immune system has to work really efficient so as to save us from these Bacterial attacks.

Bacterial penetrations into our body is defensed each and every moment by different lines formed by our immune system. These lines of defense are the controlling mechanisms of our body which protect us just as the Soldiers over the Borderlines like LoC.

Hereby, today we have brought about a list of diseases caused by Bacteria in Human. Not only the diseases but their causative bacteria as well as the medication of that disease will also be mentioned down here. So keep Scrolling. Keep reading. Diseases Caused by Bacteria 

The list of the pathogenic bacteria along with the Diseases Caused by Bacteria and its medication as well is given as below Bacterial Diseases-

Disease Causative Bacteria Medication
Pulmonary Tuberculosis Mycobacterium tuberculae BCG vaccine Isolation, Health education
Diptheria Cornybaterium diptheriae Diphtheria antitoxins, Penicillin, Erythromycin
Cholera Vibrio cholerae Oral rehydration therapy & tetracycline.
Leprosy Mycobacterium Leprae  Dapsone, rifampicin, Clofazimine.
Pertussis Bordetella pertussis Erythromycin
Tetanus Clostridium tetani Tetanus- antitoxins
Plague Pasteurella (or Yersinia) pestis Tetracycline, streptomycin, Chloromycetin.
Gonnorrhoea Neisseria gonorrhoeae Penicillin & Ampicillin.
Syphillis Treponema pallidum Tetracycline & penicillin
Salmonelosis Salmonella enteridis  Antibiotics.

Hope we have helped you understand about the diseases caused by bacteria in human.

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