List of Major Straits of the World, Pdf Download for Competitive Exams

Straits of the World, wich can be asked in your examination

Hello Friends, Today is going to share List of Major Straits of the World, You guys also Download pdf of this Straits of the world. We also write all the Major Straits of the World which can be asked in various Competitive examinations, This topic is a part of Geography. You will find at least 1-2 question from this list of Straits. So please read this list and try to learn What is the meaning of Strait. After reading this List of Major Straits of the World, you will able to answer all the questions related to this topic.

List of Major Straits of the World, Pdf Download
List of Major Straits of the World, Pdf Download

What is Straits of the World

What is the meaning of Strait:-strait is a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. Most commonly it is a channel of water that lies between two landmasses. You can see on the below picture that what is Strait.

This is Strait
This is Strait

List of Major Straits of the World, Pdf Download

Straits of the WorldJoin by Straits of the WorldLocation of Straits of the World

Malacca Straits

The Andaman Sea & South China Sea

Indonesia – Malaysia

Palk Strait

Palk Bay & Bay of Bengal

India-Sri Lanka

Sunda Strait

Java Sea & Indian Ocean


Yucatan Strait

Gulf of Mexico and Carribbean Sea


Mesina Strait

Mediterranean Sea


Otranto Strait

Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea


Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Red Sea & Gulf of Aden


Cook Strait

South Pacific Ocean

New Zealand (N & S islands)

Mozambique Straits

Indian Ocean

Mozambique – Malagassy

North Channel

Irish Sea & Atlantic Ocean


Taurus Straits

Arafura Sea & Gulf of Papua

Papua New Guinea – Australia

Bass strait

Tasman Sea & South Sea


Bering Strait

Bering Sea & Chuksi Sea


Bonne-Fasio Strait

Mediterranean Sea


Bosporous Strait

Black Sea and Marmara Sea


Dardenleez Straits

Marmara Sea and Agean Sea


Davis strait

Baffin Bay & Atlantic Ocean


Denmark strait

North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean


Dover strait

English Channel & North Sea


Florida Strait

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean


Hormuz strait

Gulf of Persia & Gulf of Oman


Hudson strait

Gulf of Hudson & Atlantic Ocean


Gibraltar Strait

Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean


Magellan strait

Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean


Makassar Strait

Java Sea & Celebeze Sea


Tsugaru Strait

Japan Sea and the Pacific Ocean

Japan (Hokkaido-Honshu island)

Tatar Strait

Japan Sea & Okhotsk Sea

Russia (E Russia-Sakhalin Island)

This is the list of Straits of the World, please read it or take picture of this table to learn.

FAQ Related to Important Straits of the World:-

Question-1:- Which is the largest Straits in the world?

Ans- Strait of Malacca is the largest strait in the world, it is 890 km long, it separates the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It plays an important role in the shipping between the Indian ocean and pacific ocean. 

Question-2:- Which is the widest Strait of the world?

Ans- Denmark Strait (Greenland Strait) is widest in the world, it is 290 km wide. It separates Greenland from Iceland.

Question-3:- Which Strait Separates Asia from Africa?

Ans- Bab el-Mandeb Strait. it also connects the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Question-4:- Which is the narrowest Strait in the world?

Ans- Bosporus Strait is the narrowest in the world which is used for international navigation, it connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara.

Question-5:- What is the meaning of Strait?

Ans- strait is a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. Most commonly it is a channel of water that lies between two landmasses.

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