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List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf Download

Hello friends, Wifigyan.com is going to share Complete List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf, You guys can download it. List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses always asked in the competitive examination like IBPS, SSC, UPSC and various competitive examinations. You can find a 1-2 question from List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf in every examination. So download it and learn all the use of the instrument.

List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf Download

List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf Download

List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses Pdf Download

We are going to write all the name of instruments and their uses in this article so you can learn it easily. You guys should also read this article again and again it will help you memorise for a long time.

Scientific Instrument is a device used for measuring various physical parameter like pressor, temperature, Humidity, atmospheric pressor. Some Scientific Instrument is big in size and some of them are small in size. So here we are going to share the name of the  Device of its use.

List of Scientific Instrument and its Uses:-

Scientific Instruments Inventor  Use
Accumulator Waldemar Jungner Used to store electrical energy
Altimeter Louis Paul Caillet Used in aircraft for measuring altitudes.
Anemometer Leon Battista Alberti Measures force and velocity of the wind
Audiometer Georg von Bekesy Measures intensity of sound that is it measures how well a person hears.
Accelerometer George Atwood It is an electromechanical device used to measure acceleration forces.
Barometer Evangelista Torricelli Used to measure atmospheric pressure and conditions
Barograph Lucien Vidi Used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure
Binocular J. P. Lemiere Used to view/see distant objects
Bolometer Samuel Langley Used to measure heat radiation
Carburettor Samuel Morey in 1826

Enrico Bernardi in 1882

Used in an internal combustion engine for charging the air with petrol vapour
Calliper Pierre Vernier Used to measure diameters of thin wire or cylinder
Cardiogram Willem Einthoven Used to trace the movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph
Colourimeter Jules Duboscq Is an instrument used to compare intensities of colour
Cinematograph Louis Lumiere and his brother Auguste Lumiere An instrument used for projecting pictures on the screen and to enlarge the image of the photograph
Crescograph Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose Used to record the movement of the tip of a plant
Cryometer Used to measure very low temperatures of objects
Dynamo Michael Faraday Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
Dynamometer Edme Regnier Measures force, torque and power
Endoscope Used to examine internal parts of the body
Electrometer William Snow Harris Used for measuring electrical potential differences
Fathometer Herbert Grove Dorsey Used to measure the depth of the ocean
Galvanometer Johann Schweigger Used to reproduce the recorded sound

Questions Answers related to Scientific Instruments and Its Use:- 

Q1. Which device is used to measure the depth of seas and oceans?

Ans:- Fathometer

Q2. Name a device used to measure the sharpness of the electric current?

Ans:- Galvanometer

Q3. Name an instrument used to measure the sound waves inside the water?

Ans:- Hydrophone

Q4. Name a device used to measure atmospheric humidity?

Ans:- Hygrometer

Q5. Which device is used to detect and measure the purification of the milk?

Ans:- Lactometer

Q6. The equipment through which any substance be cut into very small pieces?

Ans:- Microtome

Q7. Through which device the illumination and intensity of two light sources are compared?

Ans:- Photometer

Q8. Name a device through which the truthness of the human being is examined?

Ans:- Polygraph

Q9. Which device is used to measure the intensity of the earthquake?

Ans:- Seismograph

Q10. Which device is used to listen to the vibrations of the heart and lungs?

Ans:- Stethoscope

This is all about Scientific Instruments and Its Uses

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