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Naib Tehsildar: Salary, Job Profile, Promotions and Payscale

I am going to share with you the details about the Naib Tehsildar. You will get to know the complete details about this like selection Process, Salary and Payscale of Naib Tehsildar.

There are many vacancies by which one can become a part of the Indian Administration system. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the details about the Naib Tehsildar. You will get to know the complete details about this like selection Process, Salary and Payscale of HPSC Naib Tehsildar, allowances and complete job profile etc. Check out the complete article below to get all the details about this. I have shared all the important information about the deputy Tehsildar.

Naib Tehsildar: Salary, Job Profile, Promotions and Payscale

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Who is Naib Tehsildar?

The Salary in the department always plays a great role in motivation. The lifestyle of a person, as well as his family, depends on this monthly income. Here you will get to know the Naib Tehsildar Payscale but before that, we will see the Selection Process and Job Profile etc.

The selection of the Naib Tehsildar in the service is done on the basis of the examination. A candidate will have to appear for the Screening test and all the candidates who will clear this, they will appear for the written examination and then Viva-voice test etc. The screening test basically consists of general knowledge questions. All the questions would be in Objective type with the multiple-choice answer. The Shortlisting of the candidate for the Written Examination will be done on the basis of the performance in the screening test. Now let’s see the Job Profile of the Deputy Tehsildar.

Naib Tehsildar Work or Job Profile

There are works that come under the deputy tehsildar (Naib Tehsildar) and it is impossible to mention out all works of tehsildar put here. Here are some important works that I am sharing: They are responsible:

  • To collect land revenue, canal revenue, taqavi, cesses and other Government dues and perform other duties connected therewith in accordance with such rules as the Government may from time to time prescribe.
  • They are also responsible to keep the District Officer and the Sub-Divisional Officer in touch with all important, social. economic or political movements in the tahsil.
  • There are many other works such as they have to report to the sub-divisional officer. They also conduct or held the land revenue committee.

There are the official PDF is available on the official website of Naib or Deputy Tehsildar of each state. Now let’s see the Salary and payscale of the Deputy Tehsildar.

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Payscale of Deputy Tehsildar (Naib Tehsildar):

The Salary of HPSC Naib Tehsildar after the 7th-grade pay commission has been increased by 23.74%. earlier it eas very less. The Payscale in the State government service is better but it is not as good as compared to the Central Government. On average, The payscale of Naib Tehsildar is around 34,800/- per month or even more. That completely depends on the state. Some states pay more salary and some pay less. Here is the list of payscale of Naib Tahsildar that is offered by each state of India.

Name of State Payscale Per month
1. Rajasthan Rs. 14, 100/-
2. Punjab Rs. 51, 924/-
3. Haryana Rs. 13, 900/-
4. Uttarakhand Rs. 13, 500/-
5. Chattisgarh Rs. 15, 600/-
6. Himachal Rs. 14, 500/-
7. Uttar Pradesh Rs. 13, 500/-

After the salary, Naib Tehsildar gets grade pay of 54,00/- per month and there are also many other pays that one gets in the service. If we include all the pays it touches 35,000/- per month. Besides the salary, there are some extra allowances that are offered to the employees.

Allowances of Deputy Tehsildar:

The HPSC Naib Tehsildar get many allowances that are completed after the salary. They get:

  • Travel Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • House Rent Allowances
  • Medical Allowances
  • Pension/gratuity etc.

The Travel allowances are only applicable for official travel for any kind of personal travel. Employees will have to pay for it. Dearness allowance is for the Naib Tehsildar as well as for the family member also. The medical facilities and other facilities are also for the employees as well as family members also. Some States also pays the furniture allowances, electricity bills etc. The salary and allowances different from state to state but the basic pay scales and allowances are the same for all.

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Promotion of Naib Tehsildar:

There is no fixed Promotion pyramid of the Naib Tehsildar in all states. A candidate can get promoted to the further posts only on the basis of the experience in the field but there is a fixed routine for Promotion. One can also appear for the Departmental Exams to get further Promotion in the service.

In every government department, the depart conduct the internal exam/promotional exam/department exams etc for promotion of the deserving candidates all the candidates who are in the service they can appear for this an if they pass they will be promoted to the further posts.

There are also some people who can not clear the promotional examinations. Naib Tehsildar can also be promoted but that would completely on the basis of the experience and it would take too much time. The Salary, Payscale and allowances are always better in the government sectors as compared to the private sector.

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