Railway ADMO Salary Job profile and promotion. Assistant Division Medical officer Salary

Railway ADMO Salary Job:- Every year the Union Public Service Commission issues applications for graduation and other post candidates across the country. To become Assistant Division Medical Officer in Railways, candidates can get the official information released by UPSC and related information about the exam by visiting the official website of UPSC. Under Combined Medical Services Amination 2020, UPSC got out the applications for the post of Assistant Medical Division Officer in the Railway Department in different regions of the country. Whose opening date is 18 August 2020 and last date of application is 31 August 2020. Before applying for this exam, the candidate must have an MBBS degree and post-graduation Below we will give you information about the salary and job profile, and promotion of Assistant Medical Division Office.

Railway ADMO Salary:-

For the post of Assistant Medical Division Officer, candidates sent for work in Southern and Western regions. Where he has to work on the post of Ashish American Officer in Railways. During the work, different salaries are given for different positions. Candidates serving as Assistant Medical Division Officers in the Indian Railway Health Service are given 15600 to ₹ 39100 per month Railway ADMO Salary as per Level 10 of Group A Junior Scale. During this time they are not allowed to do any kind of private practice. According to the Railway Ministry, the candidate is not allowed to do any type of external doctor practice ie private practice for 1 year.

Railway Group D Salary Structure

Allowances and benefits

  • During the service, the candidates also give pension offered by the government
  • The candidates also give the required holidays every year as per the rules.
  • Railway pass and air ticket also give to the candidates to travel for themselves and their family.
  • During service, candidates have to good in Hindi, if they do not do so during service, then they terminated.

Work Profile

  • During the job, the candidates have to check the patients of the indoor and outdoor departments daily and as required.
  • Other employees doing the job are task with maintenance and examination of their physical examination and regulation.
  • As per the requirement, these are to organized from time to time for public health and family planning.
  • Others may conduct this exam for vendors.
  • During duty, they are task with the discipline to discharge the duties of any hospital health unit or their duty.
  • Assistant Medical Division Officers are responsible for the maintenance of equipment that uses in the hospital.
  • AMDO (Assistant Medical Division Offices) can change their duties at any time but cannot do any kind of practice outside.

ADMO Promotion

If the Assistant Medical Division Officer selected in the Railway Board after MBBS, he not immediately promoted. For promotion, a candidate has to hold a post-graduation degree for 4 years. Assistant Medical Division Office can be select for the post of CMD after the address departmental exam. After promotion, the salary of the Assistant Medical Division Officer increases from 85,000 to ₹ 90000 per month. After works 3 to 5 years, they promoted to the post of DMO. Where their salary is more than 115000 rupees. DRO post gave for promotion to the higher rank of Railway ADMO Salary

Promotion level Salary
Assistant Medical Division Officer 15600 to ₹ 39100 per month
After 2 years he becomes CMD 85,000 to ₹ 90000 per month
After 3-5 years he becomesDMO 115000 rupees per month
After 5 years he becomes DRO 115000 rupees per month to above

To apply for the post of Friends Assistant Medical Division Officer, candidates must have an MBBS degree in Medical. To become an Assistant Medical Division Officer, UPSC conducts a written examination, which is computer-based. In this exam, questions ask from all the subjects of MBBS. This test has a total is 500 number. Out of which it is mandatory for the candidate to get around 55 to 60% marks.

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