Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book

Hello Students, I hove you Guys are Doing well, Today we are going to share very important Pdf For SSC and Banking Examinations, and the name of this pdf is Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book, This pdf is very useful for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Steno Exam as well as for SBI PO, Clerk, IBPS PO, Clerk Examinations, So you guys can Download this pdf and do Exercise all the Spotting error questions. Questions are organized from all the English grammar topics like Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Conjunction, Interjection, Verbs, Modals, etc. So download this Useful pdf from the Download button which is given below.

Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book
Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book

Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book:-

For your information, I am telling that Neetu Mam is very prominent Teacher for English Subject, She Runs a Coaching institute in Delhi Mukherji Nagar, and this pdf has been taken from her book, She uses this book in her class for practice. So u can use this pdf for your upcoming examinations.

Friends, English subject plays a vital role in SSC & Banking examinations because of many students faces problems in this subject. For strengthening of English subject, you have to learn all the topic from a good English book, Here I am also going to share, some Important book for English subject, you can also Download these pdf.

Must See:-

As you Guys Know that finding Spotting Error is not an easy task, you need to remember all the concept of Grammar as well all you need to remember Phrasal Verbs and Phrases, then you can find Spotting Error in any sentence.

Topic Covered Under This Spotting Error Pdf:-

  • VERB
  • NOUN

In this pdf, you will find Questions from all the topic which is written above, these questions were asked in various government exam and can be asked in upcoming exams. After all the Questions you will find answers below the pdf so you can check which is the right answer and which is the wrong answer.

Some Important Questions From The Pdf:-

Here I am going to write some questions from the pdf, and for full questions, you have to download the Pdf from the given link.

1. (a) He was so inquisitive/ (b) that he rose many/ (c) questions in the class ./ (d) No error.

2. (a) He was borne of poor parents,/ (b) but brought up/ (c) in an affluent family./ (d)No

3. (a) The university was/ (b) found in 1950/ (c) when India was not self-dependent in many aspects./ (d) No error.

4. (a) I complaint against him/ (b) as in spite of my repeated warnings/ (c) he failed to mend his ways./ (d) No error.

5. (a) Failure must not have/ (b) permanent affect on a person/ (c)because only the tough
survive./ (d) No error.

6. (a) I keep my cool/ (b) and never loose my temper/ (c) even when provoked/ (d) No error.

7. (a) He lied on the grass/ (b) for hours/ (c) enjoying the cool breeze./ (d) No error.

8. (a) During the rainy season/ (b) many rivers overflew their banks/ (c) and caused great
difficulty./ (d) No error.

9. (a) He lay his luggage/ (b) aside and lay down/ (c) to rest for a while ./ (d) No error.

10. (a) When calamity fell the village,/ (b) they faced it/ (c) bravely./ (d) No error.

11. (a) The assassin was convicted/ (b) and ordered to/ (c) be hung./ (d) No error.

12. (a) If I leave now,/ (b) I will not be able to/ (c) return back before 9 p.m ./ (d) No error.

Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download From Neetu Singh Book

13. (a) When the company offered him a purse on his retirement/ (b) he refused to/ (c) agree it ./ (d) No error.

14. (a) The timid creature was driven/ (b) into a narrow lane/ (c) where it was slewed by the kidnapper./ (d) No error.

15. (a) Being implicated in a murder case,/ (b) he was conclusively suspected/ (c) for all the unsovled murder cases./ (d) No error.

16. (a) My brother thinks/ (b) that somebody must have dared/ (c) him steal the scooter./(d) No error.

17. (a) When I was young,/ (b) I can run/ (c) faster than Mohan./ (d) No error.

18. (a) Harish needs not/ (b) come here/ (c) as it is getting dark./ (d) No error.

19. (a) He dare/ (b) not to/ (c) go there/ (d) No error.

20. (a) I use to/ (b) play Hockey/ (c) when I was ten year old./ (d) No error.

21. (a) A soldier/ (b) could fight/ (c) for his country and save his country’s honour./ (d) No

22. (a) I would rather/ (b) die/ (c) then beg./ (d) No error.

23. (a) Run fast/ (b) lest you/ (c) will miss the train/ (d) No error.

24. (a) He hoped/ (b) that he will/ (c) pass the exam with flying colours./ (d) No error.

25. (a) You need to work hard/ (b) but you need not/ (c) to waste time on unimportant lessons/ (d) No error.

Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf:-

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Spotting Error Practice Set Pdf Download

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