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SSB OIR Test Pdf Download (Verbal and Non-Verbal OIR Pdf)| Officer Intelligence Rating Test

SSB OIR Test Pdf Download (Verbal and Non-Verbal OIR Pdf) Practice set and OIR Test book is available is this post. After qualifying the written exam you have to appear in SSB Interview which is a five day process. Officer Intelligence test is a very important part of the selection system in the very first day. You have to pass this exam then you can move for the next day. Lets know what is OIR Test?

What is OIR Test in SSB Interview?

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test is for testing the candidate’s intelligence level. There are two types of questions asked in the OIR test i.e Verbal and Non-Verbal. You have to solve these questions in the allotted time. Any candidate having normal intelligence level can solve these questions easily. So do not worry, just download this SSB OIR Practice Set Pdf and solve the all questions.

This test has two sections, one is a Verbal test and another one is Non- Verbal tests and each section consists of approximately 40 questions and the candidate will get around 22 minutes and 17 minutes respectively. The questions asked are easy compared to the other Competitive exam, but the time duration is less for this and even taking watch is not permitted inside,  the candidates have to give a quick reaction to each question. there is no negative marking in this paper.

The topics in SSB OIR Test Pdf are: 

Verbal Tests:

  • Sentence Completion
  • Analogies
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • World Groups
  • Instruction
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Verbal Deductions
  • Number Quiz
  • Blood Relation Test
  • Letter Series
  • Problems on Ranks
  • coding Decoding
  • Direction Sense Test

Non- Verbal Test:

  • Figure Analogies
  • Classification
  • Choosing the Odd Figure
  • Choosing Similar Figures
  • Grouping of Identical Figures
  • Series
  • Figure Matrix
  • Paper Cutting and Folding
  • Spotting the embedded Figure
  • Problems on Cubes
  • Visualizing Pattern
  • Spatial Ability
  • Problems on Dice

The Marks of the candidates in this test will be rating as OIR 1 and OIR 2 etc. It will be rating till OIR 5 and here the OIR 1,2,3,4 and 5 means:

  • OIR-1  Outstanding
  • OIR-2  Excellent
  • OIR-3  Above Average
  • OIR-4 Average
  • OIR-5 Below Average

SSB Interview Process 2021:-

SSB Interview process is divided into two categories –

  • Stage 1 and
  • Stage 2.

Stage-I of SSB:- This Stage Involves Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test. (SSB OIR Test Pdf)

Stage-2 of SSB:-

Stage-II includes Interview, Group Testing Officer Task, Psychology Test and Conference as well. In addition to this, Stage 2 of this interview takes 4 days to complete.

Here is day by day detail of SSB Interview:-

Day-1 (Screening Tests)Day-2 (Psychology Test)Day-3 (GTO Tasks)Day-4 (GTO Tasks)Day-5 (Conference)
AT the first day, The candidates have to give a verbal and a non-verbal Officer Intelligence Rating Test. A picture perception test will also be conducted. Thereafter storytelling will be held. Those candidates who qualify for all these rounds are sent to another day.To sum up as a whole, the candidates’ presence of mind is tested here. With the help of different sorts of examinations. Mainly the selectors test the reactions of the candidate in different situations which is known as situation reaction test.These are basically outdoor tasks assigned to each candidate. So as to test the physical abilities and in the group performance capacity of the candidate. Most of the tasks given to the candidates are group tasks.Next two tasks are usually called GTO test. This test has the following test:-
Group Discussion(GD)
Group Planning Exercise
Progressive Group Tasks(PGT)
Half Group Tasks(HGT)
Individual Obstacles
Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race(GOR)
Command Task(CT)
Final Group Task(FGT)
In this final round, a personal interview is held for all the qualified candidates of the GTO round. After this, the selection personnel conduct a conference with the candidate.

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How many questions is asked in OIR Test?

There is two section and each section consist 40-50 Questions. You have to solve in allotted time.

Time duration for solving OIR Questions

Candidate will get 22 and 17 minute to solve both the section i.e verbal and non verbal.

Is it necessary to pass OIR Test?

Any candidate having normal intelligence skill can pass the OIR test, and if you fail to pass then you have to pass in PPDT Test. So just prepare with good books.

OIR Test Book

There is so many books available in the market so you can buy from a defence background publication like SSBCrack, MKC Publication etc.

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