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The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC

Hello Friends, Today we are going to share The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC, this book is written by Disha Publication, and it is useful for the students who are preparing for UPSC, PCS and other Competitive examination. In this Book, you will find all the polity notes along with the complete Indian Constitution. So you can say this pdf is a complete package of Indian Constitution and Polity. UPSC students must Download this book. The download button is given below.

The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC

The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC

The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC:-

The term constitution is derived from Latin word “constituere” which means to “to establish”. Constitution means a document having a special legal sanctity, which sets out the framework, principles and functions of the government. The idea of constitutionalism suggests ways and means work out a government form, which exercises power and ensures, at the same time, individual freedom and liberty.

Sources of Indian Constitution:-

Country Provisions Borrowed
Government of
India Act, 1935
Federal scheme.
Declaration of emergency powers.
An ordinance defining the power of the
President and Governors.
Office of the Governor.
Power of federal judiciary.
Administration at the Centre and state level.
Parliamentary system.
Bicameral parliament.
Prime minister.
Council of ministers.
Single citizenship.
Office of CAG.
Writ jurisdiction of courts.
Rule of law.
USA Written Constitution.
Fundamental rights.
Supreme Court.
President as executive head of the state.
Impeachment of the President, removal of
SC and HC judges.
Vice President as chairman of Rajya Sabha.
Judicial review, independence of the judiciary.
Australia Concurrent list.
Cooperative federalism.
The joint sitting of two houses of parliament.
USSR Fundamental duties.
Constitution of
Suspension of fundamental rights during
Ballot system.
Canada Federal system.
Residuary powers.
Appointment of Governor.
Advisory jurisdiction of SC.
South Africa A procedure of constitutional amendment.
Electing member to Rajya Sabha.
Ireland The concept of directive principles of state

Nomination of members to Rajya Sabha by
the President.
Presidential election.


  1. Bulkiest Constitution of the World-

Indian Constitution is one of the longest Constitution in the world. Originally it contained 395 Articles, 22 Parts and 8 Schedules. After amendments till date, there are more than 447 Articles, 24 Parts and 12 Schedules.

2. Combination of Rigidity and Flexibility-

The Indian Constitution is a combination of rigidity and flexibility. While some provisions of the Constitution can be amended by the Parliament by a simple majority, others require a two-thirds majority of the members of the parliament as well as ratification of not less than one-half of the state legislatures (Article 368). Again, some provisions of the Constitution can be amended by the parliament alone by a two-thirds majority.

3.Parliamentary System of Government-

The Constitution provides for a parliamentary system of government under which the real executive power rests with the Council of Ministers and the President is only a nominal head. The Council of Ministers stays in office as long as they enjoy the confidence of the Parliament. The framers of the Constitution decided to adopt a parliamentary system of government for several reasons. Firstly, the system was already in existence in India and people were well acquainted with its working. Secondly, the vast size of the country and the diversity of its culture necessitated the adoption of a parliamentary form of government. Thirdly, the desire to avoid conflicts between the Executive and the Legislature, which was a common features in America, also induced the members of the Constituent Assembly to opt for a parliamentary system.

4. Federal System with a Unitary Bias-

The Indian Constitution provides for a federation with a strong center. It is noteworthy that the Constitution has not used the word ‘federation’, anywhere, and has described India as a ‘Union of States’ which implies that the Indian federation is not the result of any agreement among the units and the units cannot secede from it. India possesses most of the federal features but also several of the unitary features. The Indian federal structure acquires a unitary character during the emergency when the normal distribution of powers between the center and the states undergoes vital changes.

The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC:-

Topic Covered Under This Pdf:-

Constitutional Framework and Citizenship-

Historical Background; Making Salient & Features Of Indian Constitution; Parts Of Constitution.

Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy-

Fundamental Rights, Cultural and Educational Rights; Directive Principles of the State Policy, Fundamental Duties.

Union Government-

President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Council of Ministers, Attorney General of India,
Parliament Houses, Legislative Procedures, Parliamentary Committees.

State Government-

Introduction, Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers (COM), Advocate General, Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha), Centre-state Relations.

Local Government-

Introduction, Panchayati Raj, 73rd Ammendment Act, Municipalities, 74th Amendment Act,
Commissions and Acts.


Introduction, Union Judiciary, Supreme Court, High court, Subordinate Courts, Other Local
Courts, Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013.

Miscellaneous Topics-

Introduction, Planning Commission, NITI Aayog, National Development Council (NDC), Finance Commission, Election Commission, Political Parties and Pressure Group, National Commission for SCs & STs, UPSC, SSC, Law Commission, The Lokpal and Lokayuktas.

Amendments & Articles of the Indian Constitution-

Introduction, Amendment List, Article List

Some Details About Pdf:- 
  • PDF Name:- The Polity Compendium Pdf by Disha Publication Download For UPSC
  • Size:- 6 MB
  • Pages:- 219
  • Quality:- Good
  • Format:- PDF
  • Medium:- English

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