UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard and Medical Test full Detail

UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard:- Friends, All the candidates who have passed the written examination will now be called for the next stage of Assistant Commandant Physical Standard and Medical Test . After the physical standard, candidates have to appear in the Medical Standard Test. In today’s article, we will give you information of Physical Standards in the UPSC Assistant Commandant, By which you can make yourself eligible for Assistant Commandant.

UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard

Before filling the application form of UPSC Assistant Commandant, the candidates must once check all the parameters related to the application form. After which the candidates fill that application form and work according to their selection process. If you appeared in the written examination of Assistant Commandant and have been selected for Physical Standards, then you are required to complete all the criteria given below. So let us inform you about all the physical standards and medical standards required by UPSC for Assistant Commandant.

Indian Army Assistant Commandant

CAPF Assistant Commandant 2021 Eligibility, Age Limit, Exam Date etc.

Height and weight according to age limit

  • The standard age, weight and height information for Assistant Commandant by UPSC is given in the table below.
Height (in cm)Age (18-22)Age (23-27)Age (28-32)Age (33-37)
172 54-6655.5-67.557-7059-72
18059-72 `61-7563.5-77.565.5-80
UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard

Weight and height of women by age

Height in CMage (18-22)Age (23-27)Age (28-32)(Age( 32-37)
UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard

Other physical activities of UPSC Assistant Commandant

Apart from age, weight, and height, the following activities are carried out as physical activities in UPSC Assistant Commandant. Candidates are required to pass in these activities.

The activitiesFor menFor Women
100 meter runIn 16 secondsIn 18 seconds
800 meter run3 minutes 45 seconds4 minutes 43 seconds
Long jump3.5 m (three chances)3.0 m (three chances)
Shot Put (7.26 kg)4.5 meterNot required
UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard

UPSC Assistant Commandant Medical Test Criteria

The candidates who have passed the above physical standard are selected for the next stage i.e. Medical Test. Before appearing for a medical test, candidates must first check the following standards. All the standards which are valid for the post of UPSC Assistant Commandant are given below.

  • EyeSight
AspectsBetter Eye (Corrected Vision)Worse Eye (Corrected Vision)
Distant Vision6/66/12
Near VisionN6N9
Limits of Refractive errors permitted-4.00 D (including cylinder) Myopia +4.00 D (including cylinder) Hypermetropia
UPSC Assistant Commandant Physical Standard

The candidate must take care that if he has undergone LASIK surgery, then he will be considered eligible as per the following criteria.

  • The age limit should be between 18 to 35 years.
  • The axial length of the eye ranges from 21 to 26 millimeters.
  • The thickness of the corneal is 425 μm.
  • The only 6D is valid in Pre Lasik error.
  • The postoperative static period should be a refractive flop.
  • The duration of LASIK surgery must be a minimum of 6 months.

Hearing ability for Assistant Commandant

  • If the deafness of the candidate or any type of deformity in the ear is present, it is not valid.
  • The presence of any other condition (congenital or acquired) disease such as muscular, exostosis, which blocks the ear passage is invalid.
  • The symptoms of any disease like ear pain, tetanus, and vertigo should not be present.
  • Nose:-
    • Candidates should not have DNS, atrophic rhinitis, yoga college ulceration, or chronic sinusitis disease.
  • Neck: –
    • There should be no swelling of the enlarged lymph nodes, thyroid, or other parts of the neck of the candidates.
    • Candidates would not be eligible if they were unable to fully extend the neck or have the disease of the spine and cervical vertebrae.
  • Teeth:-
    • The candidate’s gums should be healthy and the number of teeth should be well organized.
    • All problems related to teeth should not be present in the candidate’s mouth.
    • The candidate must have 14 pointed teeth in the mouth.
  • Tattoos: –
    • As per UPSC Recruitment Commission rules, any religious, personal, emblem or figures such as permanent tattoos or temporary tattoos will not be valid on the candidate’s body.
    • Tattoos should not be present in any part of the body. (Somebody parts such as tattoos present inside the left and forelimbs will be valid.)

Other medical standard for UPSC Army Assistant Commandant

  • Candidates should not stutter while speaking.
  • Signs of chronic disease such as wheeze, TB, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease should not be present.
  • The condition of the heart and lungs should be healthy.
  • Any type of deformity in bone and joint will not be considered.
  • Any type of disease in the digestive system, the genital urinary tract is not valid.
  • The chest position of the candidate should be flat. Candidates with any defect in the chest will not be eligible.

Friends, here is the detailed information about the Physical and Medical Standards of UPSC Assistant Commandant. Before joining UPSC Assistant Commandant’s Physical Standards and Medical Standards, be sure to read all these important criteria once. Once you do a search, make sure that you meet the standards created by UPSC or not. The date of notification to be released for the written examination of UPSC Assistant Commandant to be held in the year 2021 will be announced in April 2021. Interested candidates must fill the application form of Assistant Commandant to be published in April 2021. Many congratulations to the candidates who appeared in the UPSC Assistant Commandant Examination of the year 2020 and those who were selected for Physical Criteria.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is the selection Process of CAPF Assistant Commandant ?

For become Assistant Commandant in Army, Students have to go through the 4 stages of examination i.e Written Exam, Physical Standard, Medical Test and Final Merit list.

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