What is Article 14 in Indian Constitution and exception of Article 14

What is Article 14 in Indian Constitution and exception of Article 14

Article 14  is law in the Indian Constitution or Indian law book, which is especially for the backward people. This law has been made to give them equal rights and opportunity which other citizens get. This law comes under fundamental rights, we will discuss the complete details of this. The topic which we are going to cover, What is Article 14, Article 14 of the Indian Constitution. Fundamental rights, the exception of Article 14, etc.

What is Article 14 in Indian Constitution and exception of Article 14
What is Article 14 in Indian Constitution and exception of Article 14

What is Article 14 in the Indian Constitution:

The “Article 14” is all about the equality among the people either you belong to any caste or community. Let’s see what is exactly written in the constitution of India about Article 14-  “The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India”. This is exactly written in the constitution of India.

An article 14 states that – No person or community will be discriminated in kind of situation before the law. According to these rights, no person and community will be discriminated against on the basis of the name, caste, religion, community or gender.

Article 35A :-इसके बारे में बिस्तार से समझें, आखिर क्यों मचा है बवाल?

What are the Fundamental rights?

Article 14  also comes under the Fundamental Rights and the fundamental right gives equal rights to every citizen of India in India.

Under the Fundamental right we have:-

  1. Right to speak
  2. Right to quality
  3. Right to freedom
  4. Right against exploitation
  5. Cultural and educational rights
  6. Right to constitutional remedies
  7. Right to privacy

These are a few rights that are given by the Indian Constitution. According to the Indian Constitution- No rules can be made on the basis of religion or community.

When we had got freedom from the Britishers and the condition of our country was not so strong, Citizens of Indian were divided into the caste, community, and religion, etc. To get them together the Indian constitute has article 14, article 15 which comes under the fundamental rights.  Earlier the people from the upper caste used to harass the people of the Lower caste. This law has been made to protect them and to give them equal rights and opportunities. If any one’s fundamental rights violate then he/she can go to the Supreme Court of India Directly.

The exception of Article 14:-

Indian constitution has been made for the people’s welfare and to live peacefully as a citizen of India but there is some exception of Article 14 also which comes up whenever any protest goes on in the Country to get rights.

  • This law is been violate in many ways like the Indian Constitution has given some special relaxation to the OBC, SC/ST candidates, but this relaxation is not for the general candidates. Here this law is violating the Indian constitution Article 14 which says “Right to quality”. Around a year ago the general candidates, people were also protested against this, then this problem comes out of article 14.
  • Recently passed bill for  Citizenship by the Government is also violates the “Article 14”. The New citizenship rule which has been made by the government is for the non-muslims only, which is clear discrimination according to the law.

This law has been made to give the citizen of India equal rights and opportunity but somewhere this law is getting violated by the own law of the constitution. The supreme court of India runs under the Indian constitution and all the decision of the supreme court is given under the law. The Indian Constitution has been made for the welfare of the nation and the people of India. We all have got our rights somewhere in the constitution. We just have to find out.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

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