What is Electromagnet and Its Uses and Properties?

What is Electromagnet and Its Uses and Properties?:- Friends, as we already know that the magnetic field produced by an electric current in any iron. The magnetic field flows in the perpendicular direction of the electric current. An EM can define as a magnet that acts on electricity. The amount of electric current changed by electromagnetic power with the help of a permanent magnet. An electric current flows due to the electromagnet that flows through electricity. Magnetism can eliminate if the electric current stopped. It is beneficial to make an electromagnet on any permanent magnet. Because the magnetic field core can control by the electricity as, the magnetic field created by the electricity itself. let’s see Working principle of Electromagnet

What is Electromagnet and Its Uses and Properties?

What is Electromagnet and Its Uses and Properties?

What is an electromagnet(EM)?

An EM formed by wrapping the wire as a spin on an iron nail to conduct electricity in that wire. To make an iron rod EM, an electric current passed around it by wrapping the wire on an iron nail to form an electromagnet. Difference Between Electromagnet and Permanent Magnet (with Comparison  Chart) - Circuit Globe

Properties of electromagnets

The properties of electromagnets are similar to the properties of magnets which are as follows:-

  • Electromagnets attract substances such as iron, nitrates, and cobalt.
  • Like a magnet, the EM also has two poles, which have the characteristics of attraction and repulsion.
  • The strength of an EM magnet is found to be higher than that of the median.
  • When the EM magnet hangs in a horizontal position.
  • It attracts the North Pole of the Earth and the South Pole stops towards the South Pole.
  • Our Earth is also like a huge magnet in which the North and South poles are present.
  • When an element placed in a magnetic field, the magnetic behaviour of the nutrient is different from the other element.

Working principle of EM

Working principle of Electromagnet:- As we all know, electrons of any element always flow towards the negative-positive. However, when an electric city flows over an element, they affect the magnetic field and intersect each other. When an electric current carried on an element, the atoms start flowing in one direction, due to which the electric field becomes strong and the electric city flows easily. When the atoms start to conduct electricity, the spike on which the wire of the elements wrapped creates a magnetic field around it that called an electromagnet. Electromagnetic works on this principle. Electromagnetic Induction Principles of Power System by V.K Mehta Pdf Download for Electrical Engg.

Use of EM

Electromagnet It is used for various purposes such as separation of waste materials. They are used in places like big trains etc. Some common uses of electromagnets are given below.

  • Electromagnets used to make generator motors or transformers.
  • They are also used in making electric bells and buzzers.
  • Headphones are also used in all speakers.
  • MIR machines use electromagnets to make items such as hard disk tape recorders etc.
  • Use of electromagnet in the field of medicine MRI.
  • The magnetic Radiation Image used to make the screener is a machine that works according to electromagnetic theory.
  • Magnetic Radiation Image(MRI) can scan small human organs.
  • In the computer, world electromagnets use to make computer hard tape recorder VCR, etc.
  • Mobile and telephone devices use electromagnets in the medium of communication, due to which we can talk on the phone for a longer period of time.
  • An electromagnet also used as a power circuit in many places.

Disadvantages of electromagnet

There are also some disadvantages of electromagnets which are as follows

  • It heats up very fast and damages the device.
  • They consume a lot of energy.
  • It collects a large amount of energy in its magnetic field and inhibits the electric current but sometimes. It also used to carry the flowing current.

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