What is RAW Agent Salary, Job Profile, Lifestyle

RAW Agent Salary Lifestyle Work Know All in this single article.

RAW Agent Salary: There are many myths in our minds regarding the RAW Agents. Most of the people say that they get per month salary and some say they get annual salary etc. Here in this article, I will clear your doubts and will share with you the Salary of RAW Agent and their complete job Profile, etc. Check out the complete article below. I have given all the information, that may clear all your doubts and you will get clear information about the lifestyle of RAW Agents. The recruitment process and other criteria are very different for the RAW department. Here we will discuss that too.

What is RAW Agent Salary, Job Profile, Lifestyle

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What is RAW Agent Salary?

The recruitment process of the RAW Agents is completely different. There is no direct way to get recruited in this service. The recruitment of the officers in the service is done from the UPSC exam passed candidates or the IPS (Indian Police Service) officer gets recruited as an Officer in the RAW Department.

For the lower grade posts like Clerk, Accountant, stenographer, and other posts. They directly hire the candidates from the Universities and colleges. These all the processes are done very secretly. Previous year the candidates who had cleared the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Examination, they were offered to be part of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) department. We are here to share with you the RAW Officer Salary and Job Profile etc and at last, we will see the Advantage and Disadvantage of being part of the RAW Department.

Salary of RAW Agent:

The RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) comes under the A-grade service and the pay scale is on the basis of the grade A Service. There are many allowances and benefits that are given to the candidates who belong to the Grade A Service.  There is no information available on the internet regarding the exact Salary or pay scale of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) agents.

As per some articles, RAW agents with some years of experience in the service can earn around 1.3 lakhs per month or even more.  As per my knowledge or according to the salary of Grade A Officers, the Starting RAW Agent Salary can be range between the 55,000/- per month to 80,000/- per month.  The Salary and allowances that are given in the service completely depend on the experiences, seniority in the service. A person who has more than 10 years of experience can earn really very handsome salary per month.

There are basically three ways to get a salary. A RAW Agent can take his/her salary Monthly, Quarterly or yearly, etc. The Allowances and other benefits will be given Monthly. All the expenses of the travel, food, and other expenses that are done during the duty will be given by the government. As per the Government rule for the Grade A officers, the Allowances and other benefits will not be given to the Family member of the Agent. They may get dearness allowances but It is exceptional.

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There are some extra allowances that a RAW Agents gets like Life Risk Allowances, Uneven Scheduled allowances, etc. This is the complete details about the Payscale and Salary of RAW agent and now let’s see the Complete Job Profile of RAW agent.

RAW Agent Job Profile:

The RAW agents are responsible for the external security of the nation. As you know our country is surrounded by enemies like China and Pakistan. RAW Agents work as a Spy in the other countries and know their intension etc. They have to keep their identity secret and in other countries, they live like normal citizens. They have to do their work very smartly. Still, there are many spies who are working in the neighbouring country for our nation and helping our intelligence security a lot. These are the basic or can call it as main work of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wings).

There are also many other types of jobs in the RAW (Research and Analysis Wings). That is different than the fieldwork. A person can join the RAW as a:

  • Clerk
  • Stenographer
  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Desk officer
  • Admin Officer etc.

The Job profile of each post is different. They all assist the field officers and give them proper knowledge about the place where they are working. The clerks and other IT experts help with the team to collect the proper evidence about in particular cases. One thing you should know that RAW Agent Salary varies from profile to profile.

Some Facts About RAW Agents:

There are a need and vacancy for almost every post that is required to run an office. All the office works and other works are always kept very secret and it can not revel at any cost. The RAW officers never take help from others like the local police station and other departs officers. They have to manage all by themselves. You may have seen in many movies that are related to the RAW agents like Naam Shabana, Ek Tha Tiger, and Commando 3, etc. They have beautifully illustrated the life of RAW agents of India. You must watch these movies if you really want to know better about the raw agents and how they survive in their lives etc.

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The very first priority of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) Agents to keep their identity secret. They do not get any honour if got martyred. They always have to keep their identity secret with their family member and friends. They live a very hectic life. These are some disadvantages of this job But if you love to do challenging things,  This is for you. You may also get some details about this on www.nia.gov.in