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35 Best Jobs With No Customer Interaction


Millions of individuals drag themselves out of bed each day to participate in the daily grind at jobs they despise. For introverts or persons who don’t like people, the daily 9–5 grind of customer service employees may be cruel and soul-crushing. If you belong to this group, you will undoubtedly be able to relate to the circumstance.


The best course of action is to secure a non-customer-facing job that you desire. You must, however, make sure that it covers all of your obligations and contributes to the creation of a secure way of life. So, my buddy, your quest is over if you’re seeking a high-paying career without any customer interaction.

The high-paying, non-customer service occupations that you can do with ease to support yourself are listed below. You shouldn’t be concerned about it because the majority of them are common entry-level employment that doesn’t even call for a specialized degree.

35 Best Jobs With No Customer Interaction

The list of occupations that follow contains information on typical work duties and expected average salaries.


1. Transcriptionist

The national average hourly wage is $13.43
primary obligations: Either remotely or on-site, a transcriptionist works for an organization. To develop a visual transcript of the audio recording, people listen to recordings and type up what they hear. A transcriptionist solely interacts with their direct supervisor and coworkers. Because of this, there are no customer service responsibilities in a transcriptionist’s employment.

2. Software Developer

Average Annual Salary for Software Developer: $110,140

People who are adept at problem-solving, have a strong aptitude for mathematics and know how to program are suitable candidates for careers in software development. This concept for a non-customer service career is in high demand and pays well.

What does a developer of software do? The brilliant minds behind all the incredible software we use today are software engineers. To manage and assess the software that meets the demands of internet users, they retrieve data. They specialize in working with SaaS technology.

3. Graphic Designer

Using your imagination and using images to express oneself is possible through graphic design. For companies or private clients, you’ll be in charge of developing logos, websites, print materials, and other visual goods as a graphic designer.

Given that graphic designers’ earnings can range from $25,000 to $100,000 based on experience and skill set, this may be among the finest high-paying careers without any client involvement.

4. Data Entry Clerk

$14.14 is the average hourly wage in the country.
primary obligations: A data entry clerk is in charge of taking organizational spreadsheet formats and putting firm data into them. Organization, interaction with management, and computer program proficiency are required for this role, but customer service is not one of those things.

5. Actuary

Average Annual Salary for Actuaries: $111,030

You may become an Actuary and make a lot of money if you are skilled with money. A company’s finance department is where an actuary works, thus there is no client interaction. To become a professional analyst, you must have a degree or a track record of appropriate training, though. The work of an actuary They are financial experts who apply arithmetic, statistics, and financial theory.

6. Affiliate Blogging

Blogging is one of the greatest occupations that allow you to work alone since you may design it on your own. You may start a blog and write content about goods or services you are enthusiastic about using affiliate blogging.

You can market these items as an affiliate and earn money when others buy them using your Detailss once you have established a blog, which is simple to accomplish and will take you less than 20 minutes to do.

7. Laboratory Technician

National average hourly wage: $18.93
For a person who does not want to engage with consumers, a career as a laboratory technician is ideal. For this position, an associate’s degree is the required education. In private clinics or hospitals, laboratory technologists work alongside doctors. They assist in the testing of human tissue and physiological fluids so that a doctor can determine the state of a patient.

8. Statistician

Average Annual Salary for Statisticians: $93,290

Contrary to common opinion, there are distinct professions for statisticians and accountants. Even though both professions include doing numerical analyses and consistently disseminating the findings. The work of a statistician gathers a variety of data and analyses it to assist a business, client, or organization in making choices.

9. Ghostwriting

Writing content for someone else while letting them claim credit for it is known as ghostwriting. Everything in this employment, from communicating with clients to creating the product itself, is done in writing, making it one of the greatest speaking-free occupations.

Additionally, you may make a lot of money here because writing is one of the most undervalued high-income abilities available.

10. Driving a truck

$1,106 is the average weekly wage in the country.
Truck drivers’ main responsibilities are to deliver items from production facilities to predetermined places. For someone who likes driving and does not want to work with people, this sort of work is a unique employment prospect because it requires a lot of alone time.

11. 3D Animation Artist

The average annual salary for 3D animators is $77,700

3D animation is the most exciting professional option for an artist. The entire idea screams originality and beauty. You can make good money in this field of work if you have a degree or an appropriate technical degree. A 3D Animation artist has relatively little involvement with customers; as a result, this career outlook is a suitable choice for a non-customer-facing position. His responsibility is to complete concept art in three dimensions.

12. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping can be the ideal career for you if you’re more adept with numbers and spreadsheets than with people. You’ll be in charge of maintaining the financial records of companies or people in your capacity as a bookkeeper.

Input and reconciliation of transactions, creation of invoices and statements, and monitoring of deposits and outlays are some of the responsibilities involved in this. Unless requested for financial advice, you won’t need to engage with consumers directly, but you may still be a vital member of their financial team.

13. Archivist

The national average pay for archivists is $51,032 annually.

An archivist’s main responsibilities include valuing informative artifacts including letters, documents, photos, audio, and video information. The information is then cataloged for further preservation. Items may be physically kept or scanned and uploaded to internet archives. Instead of handling client complaints, this position deals with artifacts.

14. Food Stylist

Average Annual Salary for a Food Stylist: $67,603

You should apply for a job as a food stylist if you excel in garnishing each dish and you believe in stunning food presentation. By choosing a career that involves less customer connection, you may soothe your inner introvert. The best part is that you may enter this sector with just a regular entry-level degree.

For a restaurant, an influencer, or a food company, food stylists are in charge of creating visually appealing and enticing presentations of the food.

15. Editing and proofreading

Jobs that include evaluating written text for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are known as editing and proofreading. Since you will be working alone to edit papers and make required revisions, this position does not need any consumer interaction.

Although it helps to have some experience and a foundation in the English language, becoming an editor or proofreader is a career that may be pursued without a degree or other formal training.

16. Accountant

$54,588 per year is the average pay nationwide.
primary obligations: The financial section of a company employs an accountant to carry out analytical work. A person in this role can be required to produce payroll data, input numerical information into spreadsheets, or evaluate the financial health of their organization and pinpoint any areas for improvement. Interaction with other corporate representatives is a requirement of an accountant’s employment, although customer service issues are not their primary concern.

17. Surveyor

Average Annual Salary for Surveyors: $65,590

A competent surveyor is someone who has a strong interest in the real estate and land businesses. You interact with both employers and workers every day at work. Anyone with the necessary educational background can choose this professional path. A surveyor makes exact measurements to identify land properties such as form and depth.

18. Print-on-demand Designer

A print-on-demand designer creates items like phone covers, mugs, and t-shirts that are subsequently produced and sent to clients.

Additionally, if you collaborate with businesses like Printify, which handle everything from product printing to shipping to customer support, you won’t need to communicate with your customers.

19. Auditor

$63,668 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: A company’s financial records must be examined by an auditor. They assist businesses to prepare their taxes and finding places where expenses may be reduced. This position resembles that of an accountant in terms of its emphasis on finances and the absence of any obligations related to providing customer service.

20. Researcher

Average Annual Salary for Researchers: $60,079

The possibility of becoming a professional researcher exists for those with strong research abilities. Undoubtedly, having this work title will enable a person to make a substantial income. The research division needs your help if you have a creative and technological mentality.

As the name implies, a researcher’s responsibilities include data analysis to identify an accurate and reliable source of information.

21. Editing videos

To produce a final result, video editing entails modifying audio and video segments. You won’t have to deal with clients because this employment requires working independently in a studio or at home on a computer.

To get started, you’ll need a basic understanding of programs like Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. This is one of the top-paid online occupations and a very rewarding one if you have the necessary abilities and devotion.

22. Research scientist

National average yearly salary: $83,967
primary obligations: A research scientist specializes in particular fields of science. They may be employed by governmental organizations, commercial labs, or academic institutions. The fields of science where researchers are required have minimal restrictions. Experimentation, data collection, and report writing are all required for this role. Research scientists should be able to communicate their results to their peers, probably through public speaking.

23. Zoologist

Average Annual Salary for Zoologists: $66,350

There is no better career choice than being a zoologist if you enjoy learning about animals but detest working with people. Zoologists are experts in the study of animals, especially the evolution of various animal species. Now, to work in this industry, you must have a degree in zoology. To arrange and polish their study articles, they monitor lab animals.

24. SEO Marketer

The task of optimizing a website for search engines falls within the purview of an SEO marketer. Since you’ll be working behind the scenes to increase a website’s exposure and traffic, this profession doesn’t involve any consumer interaction.

An SEO marketer’s typical day entails keyword research, website content optimization, and data analysis to identify the most effective tactics.

25. R&D Engineer

$92,781 is the average yearly wage in the country.
primary obligations: Designing, testing, and redesigning items for the manufacturing, scientific, and medical sectors are the responsibilities of a research and development engineer. Although there is no consumer interaction in this role, it does need communication with project managers and coworkers.

26. Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator: $65,893 Average Annual Wage

Do you know what this phrase means? You didn’t, I bet. You will learn more about this ideal job posting today, which might be a significant career opportunity for you. Since there isn’t much competition for this non-customer service position, it’s simple to succeed.

They transport heavy machinery that is often utilized on construction sites, roads, bridges, and in the oil and gas industries, unlike truck drivers.

27. Site Tester

To test websites for payment, one must examine them for errors and offer suggestions for how to make them better. This work doesn’t need any phone, chat, or in-person interactions, so it’s ideal if you want to avoid dealing with clients.

One of the finest part-time occupations with minimal consumer contact is this one. By submitting applications to many testing sites and picking up work when you have the time, you may build up a side income.

28. Paralegals

Average Annual Salary for Paralegals: $52,920

A legal assistant, sometimes known as a paralegal, has a high earning potential without interacting with clients. You must review the legal paperwork, legislation, and regulations in this area. To become a paralegal, you must also possess the necessary education.

29. Chat Specialist

Although chat agents converse with clients, for individuals who are comfortable with texting, this is a phone-free option. Depending on the individual employment offered, you could work for large corporations or tiny enterprises. For some excellent examples in this industry, have a look at these work-from-home jobs that supply equipment. Many chat agents don’t speak with each consumer for very long before referring them to another department.

30. eCommerce supervisor

The task of administering and supervising the online sales process falls within the purview of an eCommerce manager. Since you’ll be working behind the scenes to ensure that everything operates well, this position doesn’t involve any consumer interaction. To succeed as an eCommerce manager, you must have a thorough grasp of online marketing, site design, and analytics.

31. Data Analysis

For a company or customer, data analysts are in charge of gathering, organizing, and analyzing data. To generate reports and insights from the data, this profession requires a working knowledge of databases and computer languages. There is little need for direct client engagement because analysts mostly share their results with their teams and managers.

32. Tax preparation Specialist

Tax return preparation is the responsibility of tax preparation professionals. Since you’ll be working alone to do research and evaluate data to create appropriate tax paperwork, this is a terrific job with no direct client involvement.
Although you don’t need a degree or any special skills to succeed as a tax preparer, you might want to think about earning a certification or taking some seminars to understand the fundamentals.

33. App developer

For clients, app builders design websites or mobile applications. You get to use your creativity to satisfy the customer’s demands rather than just concentrating on their requests.

A degree or other prerequisites are not required to work as an app developer, however, familiarity with coding languages like HTML and JavaScript is advantageous.

34. Digital Advertising Specialist

Online campaigns to target potential clients are created by professionals in digital advertising. This position entails developing a lead funnel that promotes conversions from an organization’s product or message.

Since this position does not directly deal with customers, you can work alone and simultaneously design campaigns for several businesses.

35. Test scorer

For individuals who want to earn money without having to deal with direct consumer encounters, test scoring is perfect employment. It entails assessing the outcomes of standardized tests, such as examinations for professionals or students. This may entail grading essays, multiple-choice exams, or other kinds of tests from home.

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