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20 Legit Work From Home Non-Phone Jobs


Non-phone work-from-home positions are turning out to be increasingly well-known.

That is to say, who would have no desire to work from the solace of their own home without chatting on the phone day in and day out? I realize I did and presently I have one of those positions.


I began this site when I was searching for online positions from home for mothers yet I was unable to view any.

Rather than proceeding to look for something that didn’t exist, I chose to contact work-from-home mothers and interview them to see what they do, how they began, how they can do it with kids, and above all, the amount they procure.


Fortunately, there’s something else and more chances to work from home while never getting a phone. From keeping in touch with record and, surprisingly, a periodic information passage opportunity, here are famous non-phone work-from-home positions and additional cash open doors.

1. Proofreading and editing

This is a top no-phone work-from-home work that compensates fairly. To land this work, you want superb information on the English language and spelling, and likewise a tremendous jargon.

Your occupation as an editor is to find mistakes in a given text or information composed by individuals, alter, and present the message.

There is an immense demand for editors and editors online because organizations and huge distributing associations are generally needing editors to ensure that their work is quality and to likewise keep up with their impressive skills.

Editors procure between $18 to $35 each hour and whenever taken as all-day work, you can acquire between $44,000 to $58,000 each year.

A few associations where you can secure proofreading and editing positions are:

  • Desert flora
  • Scribendi
  • Gramlee
  • Proofreading buddy
  • Kibin
  • Book in a crate
  • One space
  • Edit now

2. Transcription

One of the most promptly accessible non-phone occupations is transcription. Home-based transcription work is likewise fledgling and amicable since many organizations will recruit typists with next to zero insight. Thus, don’t let the absence of involvement keep you away from taking a stab at composing!

Shockingly better? You can begin your home-based transcription profession without any preparation.

  • Accutran Global: Should breeze through a short assessment to qualify as a typist here. Pay is per word ($0.005). Installments are made once a month on the 15th.
  • AppenScribe: Part of the Appen Steward family, AppenScribe frequently has various transcription projects accessible.

3. Bookkeeper

On the off chance that numbers and association energize you, accounting might be a good fit for you. Help entrepreneurs coordinate and inform their month-to-month pay and costs. A portion of these organizations require insight or a bookkeeping degree to apply; look at them for additional subtleties.

  • Accounting Department
  • Belay
  • Bookminders
  • ProLedge Bookkeeping Service

4. Online tutoring

If you are especially great in a specific subject and you have the energy for educating, you can pick this work from home work no phone.

Everything necessary of you is to show individuals from different areas of the world. Online mentors are paid on an hourly or week-by-week premise, it relies upon the organization they are working for.

You simply need a touch of involvement and an extraordinary scholastic foundation to land an online education position. Online tutoring can pay as high as $100 each hour.

On the off chance that you require some investment calling, you can procure somewhere in the range of $31,000 and $42,000 per year. To go for this work from home no phone work, you can track down appropriate situations on the accompanying sites:

  • ETS
  • Estimation Inc
  • Pearson
  • Brainmass
  • Lift learning
  • Enotes
  • Chegg
  • Mathelf

5. Freelance Writing

You don’t have to contract with a substance plant to get everything rolling as an essayist. Numerous beginners get going outsourcing all alone and assemble very effective professions.

This course was created by Elna Cain, a mother to twin little children, who had the option to send off an effective freelance writing vocation without any preparation (all while focusing on her twins!). She imparts her tricks of the trade to you in Compose Your Direction to Your Most Memorable 1k, an entirely reasonable method for realizing the stuff to turn into a generously compensated freelance essayist — no experience required.

6. Virtual Assistant

If you have a PC, web association, a little skill, and the craving to help other people succeed you could turn into a Virtual Assistant.

Administrations offered can incorporate all that from emailing the executives, content creation, accounting, visual communication, web-based entertainment, and more! This is another of those extraordinary positions that don’t need chatting on the phone.

What amount could I at any point make? You can acquire $25-$100 each hour.

7. Chat Agents

Do you appreciate helping individuals but rather not chatting on the phone? Then, at that point, give client support detail using live chat, web-based entertainment, and email. Most organizations expect people to be capable typists with brilliant spelling and language structure. With this non-phone work, positions fluctuate incredibly, some are free contracting jobs, and others are full-time positions.

  • Concentrix
  • GE Apparatuses
  • ModSquad
  • The Chat Shop
  • SocialBee

8. Data entry

This is one of the work-from-home positions that have no phone discussion part of the expected set of responsibilities. Finishing this work is exceptionally agreeable and perhaps the least demanding remote work.

All you want is fundamental PC information and a few hands-on experience with MS Word and MS Succeed for distant data entry occupations.

Data entry occupations pay between $14 to $18 each hour and whenever taken as all-day work, you can make between $28,000 to $36,000 yearly.

You can secure data entry positions on sites like:

  • Amazon Mturk
  • Cass data framework
  • Extraordinary American Open doors
  • The savvy swarm
  • Xerox
  • Sigtrack
  • Fiverr
  • FlexJobs

9. Community Moderator

Since countless clients cooperate with organizations and brands via virtual entertainment and community gatherings, community moderator non-phone occupations have been very famous. This occupation can incorporate all that from evaluating remarks before they go live or answering web-based entertainment questions/remarks/worries for a business.

  • LiveWorld
    LiveWorld gives day-in and day-out satisfactory balance. Moderators audit content, answer as needs be, and assist with safeguarding brand picture via web-based entertainment.

10. Blogger

Writing for a blog is my 1st no phone work-from-home occupation since you work around your timetable and the procuring potential is boundless! I began contributing to a blog since I was unable to find what I was searching for online, however, there’s not a great explanation you can’t expound on what’s as of now out there.

You have your voice and point of view. I was motivated to begin contributing to a blog when I found out how bloggers were making between $2,000-$100,000 each MONTH (And presently I’m one of them!).

I bring in cash only for individuals perusing my articles from advertisements. At the point when you get a pleasant measure of individuals perusing your articles, it acquires decent pay. Here is a screen capture of my profit from recently.

11. Use Smartphone Apps

You can relax, with this one, you’re not chatting on the phone but rather utilizing its advanced capacities to bring in cash.

These days, the online contest is furious, so organizations are getting inventive with how they arrive at shoppers. Rather than spending showcasing dollars on conventional publicizing, brands are contacting purchasers in one-of-a-kind ways, such as smartphone apps. The incredible thing about utilizing your smartphone to bring in cash is there are genuine client surveys for each application, so you can find out which ones are genuine and which ones to avoid.

  • Dosh
  • Drop
  • Gigwalk
  • Ibotta

12. Search Engine Evaluation

Search engine evaluation occupations are no phone work-from-home positions you can do. You will be paid to examine search engine results precisely, track down important catchphrases, and ensure the watchwords are convenient and without spam.

A search engine evaluator is paid between $20 to $28 each hour, and when taken as all-day work, you can procure between $20,000 to $40,000 every year.

The following are sites you can secure search engine evaluator positions:

  • Appen
  • Lionbridge

13. Miscellaneous Non-Phone Occupations

There are simply some non-phone occupations that are exceptional enough that they don’t fall into a specific class. Nonetheless, they’re as yet substantial ways of bringing in cash from home without getting a phone.

  • Operator
    An operator is an iPhone application that interfaces customers with item specialists. As a specialist, you text customized suggestions to clients in light of their shopping needs.

14. Selling on Amazon (FBA program)

If you like shopping and searching for a reasonable plan, you ought to consider Amazon’s FBA program. You find great arrangements on items at physical stores or online and exchange them on Amazon at a greater expense.

What compels Amazon’s FBA program so extraordinary is that THEY transport the items to your clients and handle the client support!

What amount could I at any point make? This differs essentially and relies on how much work you will place in, yet Jessica from the Selling family made more than $100,000 in benefits after her most memorable year as a full-time Amazon merchant.

15. Paid Expert

This is one more common however not notable work from home work that doesn’t need phone calls. In this work-from-home work, you will be paid to offer exhortation to different individuals about remarkable subjects and even specialized help.

Your recommendation would be presented through email or chat. Sites, where you can find paid expert work-from-home positions, are:

  • Ask wonder
  • Study Pool
  • Yup tutoring

16. Transcriber

Do you have superb listening abilities? Is it true or not that you are a quick and exact typist? Then assist organizations with interpreting sound records into composed reports. With transcription work, you’re not paid by the worked minute, yet all things being equal, by the sound moment. A transcriptionist who is capable as a rule has a 3-to-1 circle back rate, implying that it takes them 3 minutes to deliver 1 moment of deciphered sound. Most transcription occupations are freelance positions, so you’ll be responsible for covering independent work charges, yet you get to make your timetable, and no phone work is required.

Here are a few organizations that enlist online transcribers:

  • CastingWords
  • Rev
  • SpeakWrite
  • TranscribeMe
  • Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

17. Paid surveys

This work-from-home occupation has a great deal to do with phones however don’t stress, you won’t settle on any decisions. Everything necessary of you is to offer your perspective for cash, sweepstake passages, or prizes.

The compensation from this isn’t a lot, so you might have to join it with other no-phone work-from-home positions. Additionally, you can enlist on more than one study site with the goal that you can get sufficient compensation for your time.

The following are a few sites where you can find paid surveys work from home positions:

  • Survey junkie
  • Respondent
  • Mindswarms
  • Branded surveys

18. Website Tester

Get Compensated to Test Apps and Websites. Organizations need criticism on the user experience of their websites, and they’ll pay you to get it. This is one of the most straightforward and fastest ways of working from home without resolving phone calls.

The following are two organizations that will give you $10 per test and as a rule, require around 15-20 minutes every (User Testing currently settles up to $60 per test):

  • User Testing
  • UserFeel

Did you track down anything that intrigues you? If is not, look at FlexJobs.

19. ESL instructor

If you have an exhaustive understanding of the English language and can show it using a webcam, you can bring in a lot of money from home.

The following are great and genuine organizations that recruit free ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors to work from home.

  • Cambly

20. Social Media Marketers

Do you have a passion for social media locales like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok? Do you have brilliantly composed communication abilities? Then, at that point, consider working from home as a social media director or content-trained professional. As a social media director, you’ll make social media posts, you’ll monitor conversations online, and advance different items and administrations online with paid promotions. The compensation rates for social media marketers change significantly and rely upon factors like education, viability, experience, and inventiveness.

  • $99 Social
  • Belay
  • Brafton
  • IZEA
  • SocialBee
  • Vox Media
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