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Online Bookkeeping Jobs ($36K-$80K Per Year)


Are you looking for a method to work from home where you can choose your schedule and make a nice living?

A job in bookkeeping could be what you’re searching for if dealing with numbers fascinates you and you like the straightforward precision of an add-up spreadsheet.


I adore bookkeeping for the following reasons:

  • Anywhere in the globe can carry it out.
  • You are free to follow your timetable.
  • You may also choose your prices if you work freelance!

Who are the bookkeepers?

For a firm, a bookkeeper keeps track of data including sales, costs, and inventory. A bookkeeper may also note when new merchandise is ordered and when it is delivered. Additionally, bookkeepers keep a record of unpaid debts and forthcoming payments. In essence, bookkeepers oversee the accounts payable and receivable records regularly, and their records let an organization know when money is coming in and leaving out.


Reports on the firm’s financial prognosis are compiled by bookkeepers and given to executives of the company. By keeping track of incoming and outgoing costs, they also shed light on the company’s financial flow. When collaborating with a business owner or a tax account, a bookkeeper will occasionally help with tax document filing.

What do virtual bookkeepers perform online?

Online bookkeepers provide financial record-keeping for a customer or business while working remotely. Online bookkeepers might work for many companies or independently in some cases. Working for a company that contracts out its bookkeeping services to other businesses is an additional choice.

Online bookkeepers often concentrate on accounts payable and receivable, documenting the information and producing financial reports. The work is comparable to that of bookkeepers who are employed on-site by a company and work in an office, yet all that is required is remote record-keeping and report filing. Online bookkeepers frequently use corporate databases and upload their data to the main server for the business.

1. Bookkeeper 360

You have complete control over the Bookkeeper 360 accounting packages; choose cash or accrual, weekly or monthly, tax-prep add-on or not. For small and medium-sized enterprises that want a comprehensive online accounting service, Bookkeeper 360 is fantastic. And the monthly cost of the Payroll & HR add-on is just $45! whole review

  • Analyses of cash flow and expenditures are perfect for Xero users
  • Instantaneous metrics

2. Paro Network

It is a fantastic internet resource for experienced bookkeepers to locate opportunities. They assert that they only employ the best 2% of accountants and financial experts.

As you can imagine, it might be challenging to succeed in the application process. Remember that to join Paro Network, you will need credentials and qualifications. Additionally, you must succeed in a challenging interview procedure.

Having said that, it’s a fantastic location to identify dependable customers.

3. 1-800Accountant

One of the top virtual bookkeeping services for your small business is an accountant. Why? Because it’s powered, on average, by genuine CPAs with 17 years of expertise. What else? It may be used in all 50 states and will pair you up with an accountant familiar with local legal requirements. whole review

  • Accountants with dedication
  • Name availability checks,
  • Tax preparation, and filing

Don’t worry if you need help registering your new entity if you’re having trouble figuring it out. 1-800Accountant can help. It analyses the specifics of your business before providing insightful guidance on how to classify it for the greatest advantages. S corporations, for instance, which do away with double taxation, or LLCs (for flexible taxes).


The greatest choice for you may be if you’re seeking a full-time remote bookkeeping position! The organization hires bookkeepers, accountants, and financial experts nationwide for full-time roles that come with benefits, health insurance, and paid time off.

Additionally, they support internal training and advancement and genuinely appreciate business culture. You must only be based in the United States to qualify.

5. Xendoo

Xendoo, a company that was established in 2016, focuses on offering eCommerce and small business bookkeeping services. No matter whatever Xendoo plan you choose, you’ll have access to a specialized team of professionals that will look after your funds. A catch-up bookkeeping service, a fractional CFO, and year-round tax help are additional services provided by the business. whole review

  • Cash basis
  • Dedicated bookkeeping team
  • Tax consultation

6. Bookminders

Consider starting a new profession as an online bookkeeper if you reside in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland. They offer both full-time and part-time work and offer bookkeeping services to non-profit organizations. They provide training opportunities and depending on how well you do, you may be eligible for incentives!

7. InDinero

InDinero is the ideal accounting solution for new companies and small enterprises that wish to expand and perform better. You can chat with your CFO and go through your business strategy if you modify your plan to reflect the added services. It’s compatible with QuickBooks as well! whole review

  • Account manager
  • A mobile app, and CFO services

8. CPAMoms

CPAMoms connects business owners searching for reasonably priced bookkeeping services with certified public accountants and bookkeepers (who are moms). If you’re a mother seeking an online bookkeeping job that lets you spend more time with your children, this website is ideal for you!

Plus, joining is completely free.

Although you must be ready to pass a technical test, in-depth interview, and real QuickBooks observation. Only 10% of applicants for bookkeeping pass the initial assessment. However, as soon as you are there, you will have fantastic, flexible work.

9. Merritt Bookkeeping

In 2010, Merritt Bookkeeping Services, Inc. was established. The business provides online bookkeeping services. However, only the most fundamental business bookkeeping services are provided; even at an additional expense, tax planning or payroll services are not offered.

For QuickBooks devotees, we do have some good news, though! The best option for online accounting software that integrates with QuickBooks is Meritt.

This is how it goes:

Meritt uses QuickBooks to classify your transaction. You are then sent a monthly report through email. You would have to email the reports to your CPA as there are no tax services accessible.

Only one plan is offered, and it costs $190 a month.

10. FlexJobs

As the name implies, it is an online freelancer marketplace for work that is flexible. It’s also one of my top websites for finding any form of internetwork.

You may locate a lot of open positions by doing a simple search for the kind of work you want, such as “bookkeeping.”

In addition to a premium section that will get you access to a lot more prospects, FlexJobs offers a public free employment board that anybody may view. And before you dismiss this, remember that doing so will increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams since there will be less competition.

Additionally, you may just join up for a month or two before canceling the membership.

11. QuickBooks

One of the most well-known and extensively used accounting software options is QuickBooks Online. It simply keeps getting better, which makes it the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Clients now have the option to hire a QuickBooks bookkeeper to handle and keep their books, thanks to a recent addition to the service.

QuickBooks offers the following:

  • Classification of transactions
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Important financial report (profit and loss statement, balance sheet)
  • Payroll services are available for purchase at an extra fee.


It operates quite differently. It provides work-from-home possibilities in several fields, including bookkeeping and accounting. You must sign up as a member. As soon as you sign up with BIDaWIZ, you’ll be in contact with their staff, who will assist you in retaining your current clientele while also attracting new ones.

The only thing to bear in mind is that you must have a credential, such as a degree from a recognized U.S. university, and complete a background check to join BIDaWIZ.

13. Ignite Spot

Small businesses can outsource their bookkeeping to Ignite Spot. Making the company more lucrative is its key objective. The company aims to train business owners rather than merely handle their finances.

Ignite Spot can give small businesses a comprehensive bundle of outsourced accounting services, something the competition seldom does.

The financial reports are comprehensive and contain a monthly analysis of your company’s performance. For company owners who wish to create goals, this is a terrific solution.

Finally, business owners who wish to grow their firms may hire a professional CFO on the outside. The chief financial officer can design a special financial strategy for you that aims to boost earnings and cut losses.

What Advantages Do Online Bookkeeping Services Offer Your Company?

Reduces time

Small business entrepreneurs often handle all tasks independently. Online accounting services may lessen some of that stress, giving business owners one less duty to worry about.

Reduces costs

In the USA, a bookkeeper has an average salary of about $40,000. An accountant typically makes roughly $50,000 per year. Not every business owner can afford internal bookkeepers and accountants, nor does every business owner require them. Online bookkeeping services are more cost-effective for small company organizations since they are less expensive.

Availability of online accounting services

Some virtual bookkeeping firms also provide online CPA services, so they can help you with more than just your books. You may contract out all of your company’s accounting-related responsibilities, depending on the plan you buy.

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