30 Best Profitable Hobbies That Make Money

It sure would be good to find a way to monetize your pastime.

You may find a range of themes while going through the unending list of personal biographies on social media. While others mention their work, favorite music, or personal ideas, some individuals chat about their children.

However, one aspect of their lives—their hobbies—is virtually always highlighted in the brief “about me” blurb.

Your profile bio most likely mentions a pastime or activity that you enjoy, whether you’re a cat person, an enthusiastic hiker, or a coffee connoisseur.


Because hobbies are part of what defines you. What most people don’t realize is that your hobbies can also double as a way to bring in some extra income.

30 Hobbies That Make Money

While most people don’t go into hobbies to generate money, if you take them seriously, some of them may develop into a consistent source of revenue. You may be able to make some additional money or perhaps turn your pastime into a small business that you can market locally depending on how effectively you can focus your interests and skills. Here are 30 possibilities that may help you become creative if you’re still seeking profitable hobby ideas.

1. Drawing

Do you enjoy using brushes and colors to lose yourself on a canvas? perhaps doodle for hours on end on your iPad Pro to produce stunning images?

Here’s a little-known fact: the stereotype of the hungry artist is no longer true. There are ways to use your artistic skills in graphic design or illustration today. Additionally, you may accomplish it without necessarily selling your original works of art.

2. Blogging

Do you have a specific interest in something? It may be everything you can think of, including business, money, politics, health, fitness, entertainment, food, IT, and more. Create your blog to join the expanding legions of online gurus who are claiming to be experts.

You may create a basic website using WordPress, where the majority of blog layouts are free, and gradually expand your blog from there.

3. Writing

It’s true what many people say: there’s always a demand for skilled writers. There are several methods to specialize in, including creating website pages and articles. Start with an area in which you are an expert or are interested in learning more. It could be related to business, social media, or fashion. Create a website for yourself to begin marketing yourself as a freelance writer.

4. Conducting surveys

Contrary to popular belief, one of the easy pastimes that might earn you money is doing surveys. It is really simple and just takes a few minutes to complete surveys. Even while they might not make you wealthy, you can get $5 to $10 for every survey.

5. Reading

Who doesn’t enjoy reading a nice book while curled up in bed? It really would be good to get paid for reading.

For online book reviews, readers are employed by Kirkus Reader and Online Book Club. You must submit one free review to Online Book Club to see if you are a good fit. You may anticipate earning up to $60 for each book after you sign up. Oh, and you get free books in the mail!

6. Photography

Photography is a leisure that combines elements of both a hobby and an artistic endeavor. It’s feasible that you may be able to make some money with this hobby if the images you are shooting lean more toward the artistic.

There are several methods to make money from photography. Several large websites, including Flickr and Shutterstock, provide photographs to people all over the internet.

7. Landscaping or gardening

Do you like being outside? Consider gardening or landscaping as a seasonal side business if you have a green thumb.

Many customers are willing to pay high cash for excellent service even though they don’t have the time to take care of their yards. Asking around in your community and neighborhood to see if someone needs assistance is a good place to start if you believe this could be something for you.

8. Crafts

No matter what kind of crafts you like to do, if you do them properly, you may sell your creations on a variety of e-commerce platforms. How much you charge for your finished product will determine how much you may earn. Jewelry, fine painting, and photography are among the crafts that bring in the greatest money.

9. Music

It may be much simpler than it first appears to break into the music business. To succeed financially, you don’t have to be Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande!

You may record your tunes and upload them to websites like Airbit or SoundCloud if you love making music. You may sell your music, and every time someone does, you’ll be paid!

10. Graphic Design

If you are skilled in graphic design, you can fill this need. Respond to advertisements on various websites, and you may even think about creating a website that explains what you can accomplish and offers examples of your work.

You might perhaps begin on the website 99Designs.com. Through their website, I purchased both a logo and a website design, and it so happened that the two winning designers were American.

11. Calligraphy

A little bit of a forgotten craft is calligraphy. Many individuals adore appearance but lack the skills to achieve it themselves. With little promotion, you may generate sales for your calligraphy services.

Consider handcrafted posters, invites to weddings, and more. By speaking with local company owners or hiring online, you can keep it local.

12. Proofreading

Proofreading and editing other people’s work is another method to utilize your writing and linguistic talents through internet side hustles. You may make between $20 and $45 per hour as a proofreader if you enjoy reviewing facts, fixing grammar issues, and other things.

13. Shopping

Shopaholics among us? You must investigate mystery shopping.

Mystery shoppers are paid to visit shops and leave reviews after their visits. This might refer to the standard of the food at a restaurant, the level of treatment at a spa, the availability of continuous promotions, and so forth.

14. Creating Videos and/or Editing

You can see that there is a rising demand for videos if you spend a lot of time on sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, or other new video-sharing websites.

These days, many companies view them as essential for promoting their goods and services on both their websites and video-sharing platforms.

15. Social Media management

One of the more recent profitable hobbies is this one. Love Instagram and staying current with web trends? A career as a social media manager could be an option for you. Many company owners employ independent contractors to handle their daily chores on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

16. Dropshipping

Dropshipping may sound like a side job, but depending on your hobbies, it may still be applicable. For instance, if you enjoy working on automobiles, you might convert that interest into a dropshipping business and make $1,000–$5,000 per month by selling automotive components to other auto enthusiasts.

17. Travel

The travel bug has struck strong, and COVID is (hopefully) on its dying legs. As a result, travel is quickly becoming as one of the most lucrative side businesses.

First off, it’s never been simpler to launch your online travel agency. Make personalized bundles for things like romantic getaways, family holidays, or business retreats by combining discounts from websites like Hotwire and Travelocity into vacation packages.

18. Carpentry

Carpenters are perhaps much harder to find than computer technicians these days. Certainly, there are many individuals employed in the construction sector who go by the title of “carpenter,” but that is not the topic at hand. If you have the skill to restore antique furniture, this is very profitable.

19. Driving

You could get the chance to drive for other people if you have some free time and reside in a big city. Working with Uber or Lyft is an option. Perhaps you’ll think about providing meal delivery as well. If you love being in the car, it’s simple and you can make a few dollars quickly.

20. Cooking

This is one of the cheap hobbies that pay off since you may make money cooking by simply making and selling meals on demand, teaching cooking classes, or launching a blog with a food theme. Nevertheless, if you love to cook, you may certainly create a bakery or restaurant.

21. Coffee

Did you know that every day, more than two billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide? The majority of adults in the US alone drink at least one cup of coffee every day, and they usually prepare it at home.

This implies that there is a sizable market for selling your very own personalized roast if you are a coffee expert.

22. Refereeing in sports

If you were a jock in high school or college, but you can’t seem to find anything to do with it now, why is that? Try working as a referee if not. Schools and recreational groups are frequently looking for certified referees.

If you can land one of these positions, it’s a way to earn money in a sport in which you excel and have superior expertise.

23. Making cards

Many people still value handmade cards, so you could love this if you’re crafty. After making your supply purchases, you must choose how you will sell your cards. either online, in person, or through both.

24. Professional Gaming

If you enjoy playing online video games, you may turn your hobby into a source of income by taking part in contests, posting online reviews of your favorite games, or even getting paid to test new releases. You can make $10,000 a month playing video games if you work hard enough.

25. Teaching

Do you love education but don’t want to work in a classroom? You don’t have to spend your time in a classroom these days. Online teaching may be done in a variety of unique, original methods with little to no prior expertise. This implies that you may launch your new money-making activity from the comfort of your own home.

26. Fitness

If you’ve always been a fitness enthusiast but have only ever done it for yourself, you might be able to start earning money from it now. The greatest option could be to work as a personal trainer. Personal trainers are employed by gyms throughout the nation, and due to high turnover, they are frequently seeking a few more. Most likely, you must obtain your personal trainer certification, and you could even need to obtain your CPR certification.

27. Baking

Do you enjoy making delicacies like cakes and cookies? It can be the ideal chance to increase your income. Your works can be packaged and sold in quantities of twelve, six, or more. You may even try your hand at cake decorating or start catering to both people and corporations.

28. Flying drones

Many drone enthusiasts are finding that flying drones is a lucrative pastime. Drones may be used to capture airborne images and movies for a variety of enterprises, such as farmers and construction companies. The average drone pilot’s pay, according to Glassdoor, is about $64,520.

29. Sewing

There are several methods to make money from sewing if that’s your thing. You may make curtains, tablecloths, aprons, pillows, dolls, and more and sell them online to a global customer base in addition to personalized apparel and other fashion accessories.

Or, you may be motivated by. Cinnamon discovered that her daughter’s dolls became the talk of the neighborhood when she started crafting clothes for them.

30. Comedy

Some people have a natural gift for humor; for some, it may be more of a way of life than just a pastime. Take your comic endeavor to the next level if you want to earn money as you make people laugh.

There are countless comedy clubs, and almost all of them are actively seeking fresh performers. Working one or two nights a week at one of these clubs could be able to help you make some money.

Once you establish yourself, you can start performing for a charge, even if you first start off working for free and earning tips. Clubs are constantly looking for the type of talent that will draw customers in and keep them coming back.

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